Humankind - How to Get War Support

Humankind Guide Hub

Welcome to the Humankind Guide Hub here at Slyther Games for every guide we have. Whether you’re playing for the first time or the hundredth, we have a guide for…

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Humankind - How to Disband Units Guide

Humankind – How to Embark

Scouting is an extremely important part of Humankind as it is in any strategy game. That includes exploring the ocean so you can find other continents and even islands to…

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Humankind - Influence Civic Map

Humankind – How Does Culture Conversion Work

Culture conversion is a mechanic in Humankind where you can spread enough Influence to bring empires into your Sphere of Influence. This can be a confusing system to understand if…

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Humankind - Attaching Outposts Guide

Humankind – To Attach an Outpost or Not?

Humankind is a 4X strategy game where knowing whether or not to attach an outpost can be important. This is because attaching an outpost comes with advantages and disadvantages that…

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Humankind - How to Get War Support

Humankind – How to Get War Support

Winning a war in Humankind can be a challenge if you don’t completely understand the War Support mechanic. This feature measures how much your empire supports going to war with…

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Humankind - Clear Ruins Screenshot

Humankind – What Are Ruins

While playing Humankind you may have come across a “Clear Ruins” city option without quite knowing what it is. Ruins can appear in your city for a number of reasons…

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Humankind - Religion Spreading Screenshot

Humankind – What is a Coreligionist State

As goes with any 4X strategy game, Humankind has a lot of information that can be confusing. While I’m sure it will become easier to understand over time, one phrase…

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Humankind - Nuke City Screenshot

Humankind – How to Destroy a City

War can be a complicated mechanic in Humankind for those that are new to this 4X strategy game. Since a significant part of it revolves around war support to make…

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Humankind - How to Heal Units Guide

Humankind – How to Heal Units

Keeping your armies at full health in Humankind is important if you want to stay alive during a war. Plus, you can take advantage of getting stronger units via Veterancy…

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Humankind - How to Split Armies Guide

Humankind – How to Split Army

Knowing how to split an army in Humankind is useful in case you want to move units around. Whether you’re transferring a scout out of a group or creating unique…

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