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Humankind – How to Split Army

Humankind - How to Split Armies Guide

Knowing how to split an army in Humankind is useful in case you want to move units around. Whether you’re transferring a scout out of a group or creating unique regiments for a specific unit type. Either way, it doesn’t hurt to know how and that’s why I’ve put together this guide.

How to Split an Army in Humankind

The process for splitting an army or transferring a unit out of a group is relatively simple, so don’t worry. First, you’ll obviously need a group that has more than one unit in it. Otherwise, you can’t really transfer them out of a group that they’re the only in. No matter what, a unit is always inside a group known as a regiment in Humankind.

As you get further down the tech tree, you can increase the number of units within a regiment. But that’s not what this guide is about so let’s not get too off-topic. Once you click a regiment, a window will appear on the right side with each unit inside it. Now click the specific unit that you want to pull out of that group.

Humankind - How to Split Armies Screenshot

It’s easy to not come across the hidden window for each Humankind unit where splitting armies happens.

For example, clicking a Scout Runner or Warrior if you’re still in the early game. This will open a new window below those units specifically for the one you’ve selected. While there are four buttons available here, you’ll only need the third one from the left. This is the Transfer button for splitting an army.

If you’d prefer to transfer more than one unit, you can hold the CTRL button and click multiple units. This will select more than one giving each unit a highlighted background. Once you’re ready to move them, you’ll need to left-click somewhere for the group of units to transfer to. For whatever reason, right-clicking doesn’t work despite it being the method for moving armies.

Once you’re in a battle in Humankind, you won’t need to worry about splitting an army because every unit operates individually. Aside from other armies reinforcing your battle, the initial army can deploy each unit immediately. This is why I like to transfer damaged units out beforehand so they can spend time healing.

Another method for transferring courtesy of commenter BeanCline is simply clicking a unit and then right-clicking where you want them to go. This will pull however many units have been highlighted out of the group.

How to Merge Armies in Humankind

Humankind - Transfer Units Screenshot

Make sure to left-click when transferring a unit to a different tile since right-clicking doesn’t work.

While this is an extremely basic mechanic, I still wanted to cover all the bases for those that don’t know how to merge armies too. All you have to do is move one regiment/group onto another to combine them. The only time this won’t work is if you can’t fit every unit inside one regiment due to the max limit.

As mentioned briefly before, certain technologies will let you increase the limit. This is a good way to pack your regiment full of units and increase their overall strength. Otherwise, you can still use the Transfer button to take one unit out of a group and toss them into another. In some cases, this is easier to do to prevent wasting movement points.

If you have any other Humankind questions for me, feel free to ask in the comments below. That’s all there is regarding how to split armies. Also, I’m currently working on more guides to help out the community with common questions. Here are some worth checking out right now.


Thursday 26th of August 2021

Don't need to use the transfer button. Just highlight the troops you want to separate then left click the hex you want to move them to. Great guides BTW, thanks for doing them.

Jeffrey Lerman

Thursday 26th of August 2021

Hey BeanCline, thanks for the heads up. There's a solid chance I've done this by mistake before and not realized it haha. I just tested it and it's a right-click after clicking the unit you want to move. Which is odd since the transfer button requires you to left-click the tile.