Noita Nightmare Mode

Noita – What is Nightmare Mode?

The developers behind Noita added the new Nightmare mode for players looking for a challenge. Jeffrey LermanJeff is a journalist that loves to write, stream, and make content about video…

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Noita Worm Crystal

Noita – What is the Worm Crystal?

Are you wondering what the Worm Crystal is in Noita and why it makes you feel less safe? Guess what, we’ve got the answer! Jeffrey LermanJeff is a journalist that…

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Noita Final Boss

Noita – How to Beat the Final Boss

Looking for some tips on the final boss fight in Noita? I recorded my first experience for others to understand how the fight plays out. Depending on how strong the…

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Noita Angered the Gods

Noita – You Have Angered the Gods Secret

The Holy Mountain in Noita is usually a safe place unless this message suddenly appears, “You have angered the gods.” Most people are confused about why this message appears and…

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Noita Header

10 Best Noita Beginner Tips and Tricks

If you’re struggling to survive in Noita, we have the 10 best beginner tips and tricks to get you started. Noita is another great entry to the roguelite genre and…

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Hell Let Loose Header

How to Fix Hell Let Loose Voice Not Working

Hell Let Loose is a large scale World War 2 game on Steam where communication is key. If you’re one of many people running into microphone issues where your voice…

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Pine Header

Pine Guide – All 68 Amphiscus Orb Locations

If you’re hunting down all the collectible Amphiscus Orbs in Pine, we’ve got the hookup. If you’re not sure what Amphiscus Orbs are yet, we can also help you out!…

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Flotsam Header

All Flotsam Traits and What They Do

Knowing the traits each character has in Flotsam from Pajama Llama Games is important in surviving. While there aren’t many, it’s still worth discussing how to use each one efficiently….

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Flotsam Header

15 Flotsam Tips and Tricks to Survive

Surviving on the open ocean in Flotsam isn’t easy and that’s why I threw together a list of Tips and Tricks to help make it simpler. A huge part of…

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Fallout 76 Morgantown Airport ID Card

Fallout 76 – Register For Advanced Responder Training Guide

If you’re anything like me, you probably got this miscellaneous mission in Fallout 76 and gave up on it. In the Morgantown Airport Terminal, there’s a mission to register for…

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