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Super Auto Pets – All Items and Foods

Super Auto Pets - All Items and Foods Guide

Super Auto Pets is an entertaining auto-battler filled with all sorts of different items and foods. Take full advantage of our tips and tricks in this guide so you can understand how they work and use them well too. While some tips are simple, other ones may give you an idea for your team synergy.

If you haven’t already visited our Super Auto Pets guide on All Pets & Upgrades, be sure to check it out to start theory-crafting strategies. Unlike a large number of animals to learn, there aren’t quite as many items and foods. But, it can still be tricky figuring out when to buy them and when not to.

Super Auto Pets - How to Use Sleeping Pill

While you can’t use the Sleeping Pill before buying an animal, it can have plenty of neat uses.

This is why I threw together this list for anyone trying to find some quick information online. Especially since there are vague item descriptions that often don’t provide enough information. And there are a couple of items that have extra benefits like Chocolate that aren’t explained in-game.

Some quick info worth mentioning is that the paid Expansion Pack #1 doesn’t have any extra food or items. However, Expansion Pack #2 includes completely new food types and items to learn. You can check the second section below to see them.

Super Auto Pets - Mushroom Extra Life Tips

The Mushroom item can be tough to use if you’re not sure what animal to pair it with. Find it in the Tier 6 section of our list below for some tips.

The only other important bit to point out is for players new to Super Auto Pets. If you’re still learning this auto-battler, it’s useful to know that there are tiers for each item and food similar to the pet tiers. Therefore, as you get further, you’ll come across better types with each tier for different strategies.

Free Pack & Puppy Pack – Star PackGolden Pack

All Items and Foods in Super Auto Pets

Tier 1 Items and Foods

Super Auto Pets Apple Description  
Apple Give an animal +1/+1.
Notes This is a permanent effect that won’t go away on its’ own.
Tip 1 Apples can give you an advantage in the early game, but you’re often better off having another animal instead.
Tip 2 Items like these are usually better with animals you plan to keep for a while.


Super Auto Pets Honey Description  
Honey Give an animal Honey Bee.
Notes Summons a 1/1 Honey Bee when the animal it’s on faints.
Tip 1 Honey works well with team builds that synergize around summoning.
Tip 2 A 1/1 Honey Bee may not accomplish much, but you can boost it with pets like the Horse.

Tier 2 Items and Foods

Super Auto Pets Cupcake Description  
Cupcake Give an animal +3/+3 until end of battle.
Notes Remember that this is only a temporary buff so it only benefits you for one battle.
Tip 1 You can get a permanent buff when using the Cupcake by using it with a Rabbit on your team. The Tier 3 Rabbit gives Health when friendly animals eat food.
Tip 2 This can be a waste of money in the early game especially with the Super Auto Pets update changing how hearts work.


Super Auto Pets Meat Bone Description  
Meat Bone Give an animal Bone Attack.
Notes Bone Attack provides an extra +4 Attack per hit. This buff won’t visibly add to your pet’s attack counter/number.
Tip 1 Meat Bone is a strong item buff early on since it adds a significant amount of Attack/Damage.
Tip 2 Meat Bone can help buff pets that have a low amount of Attack, such as the Crab.


Super Auto Pets Sleeping Pill Description  
Sleeping Pill Make a friendly animal faint.
Notes A unique item that you can use to get rid of a friendly pet and permanently gain their faint benefits. For example, using it on a Deer and permanently having a Bus.
Tip 1 The Sleeping Pill only costs 1 gold.
Tip 2 Pets that benefit from others fainting can take advantage of the Sleeping Pill as well. Such as the Shark who gains Attack and Health when friends faint.

Tier 3 Items and Foods

Super Auto Pets Garlic Description  
Garlic Give an animal Garlic Armor.
Notes Garlic Armor reduces the amount of damage a pet takes by 2 each time they’re attacked.
Tip 1 Garlic Armor can definitely help keep a low-health pet alive, but you’ll likely benefit more from putting it on a strong pet.
Tip 2 Remember that Garlic Armor isn’t a one-time buff like Melon Armor or the Coconut Shield.


Super Auto Pets Salad Bowl Description  
Salad Bowl Give two random animals +1/+1.
Notes This is a permanent effect similar to Apples.
Tip 1 This is slightly better than the Apple item aside from the fact that you can’t be precise. You may provide the buff to a pet you plan on removing.
Tip 2 The Salad Bowl can help buff your team if you haven’t had much luck leveling up.

Tier 4 Items and Foods

Super Auto Pets Canned Food Description  
Canned Food Give all current and future shop animals +1/+1.
Notes Make sure to buy Canned Food before getting a new animal if you’re planning on doing both in the same round.
Tip 1 Canned Food helps in both the short-term and long-term. So this can help make animals in a new tier even stronger.
Tip 2 The Canned Food buff stacks so it can be worth buying multiple times.


Super Auto Pets Pear Description  
Pear Give an animal +2/+2.
Notes This is a permanent effect similar to Apples and the Salad Bowl.
Tip 1 The Pear is an upgraded version of the Apple that keeps you in control of which pet you buff.
Tip 2 The Pear is a good opportunity to strengthen your hard hitter unless you’re prioritizing a summoning team.

Tier 5 Items and Foods

Super Auto Pets Chili Description  
Chili Give an animal Splash Attack.
Notes When attacking an animal, Splash Attack deals 5 damage to the next animal simultaneously.
Tip 1 Splash Attack can help throw off a team’s synergy by taking out animals earlier than expected.
Tip 2 The Bus already has this buff by default, so don’t try to replace it with it again. It doesn’t stack.


Super Auto Pets Chocolate Description  
Chocolate Give an animal +1 Experience.
Notes This is a good way to level up pets without needing to get them again once you’ve reached the late game.
Tip 1 Chocolate also provides +1/+1 Attack and Health.
Tip 2 Take advantage of freezing Chocolate since it’s almost always worth buying.


Super Auto Pets Sushi Description  
Sushi Give 3 random animals +1/+1.
Notes This is a permanent effect similar to Apples and the Salad Bowl.
Tip 1 Sushi is just an upgraded version of the Salad Bowl that can help strengthen your team if you don’t plan on selling pets.
Tip 2 While Sushi can round out your team with buffs, you may be better off spending money on something else in Super Auto Pets.

Tier 6 Items and Foods

Super Auto Pets Melon Description  
Melon Give an animal Melon Armor.
Notes Melon Armor absorbs up to 20 damage from one attack before disappearing for the round. It returns each round.
Tip 1 Another neat way to get Melon Armor is using the Sleeping Pill item on a Turtle. This provides Melon Armor permanently to the pet behind them.
Tip 2 Since there isn’t a Coconut Shield item, Melon Armor is the closest you can get to blocking most attacks.


Super Auto Pets Mushroom Description  
Mushroom Give an animal Extra Life.
Notes Extra Life brings back an animal after fainting as 1/1.
Tip 1 While Extra Life respawns an animal at 1/1, it’ll still be the same level as it was. Turkey for summons, Hedgehog for damage
Tip 2 Great for certain animals like the Turkey or Fly.


Super Auto Pets Pizza Description  
Pizza Give 2 random animals +2/+2.
Notes This is a permanent effect similar to Apples and the Salad Bowl.
Tip 1 This is a somewhat upgraded version of the Sushi item, depending on how you look at it.
Tip 2 Pizza can be a questionable buy in the Tier 6 rounds since you don’t know which animals will get the buff.


Super Auto Pets Steak Description  
Steak Give an animal Steak Attack.
Notes Steak Attack adds an extra 20 damage on top of an animal’s first attack. The buff returns on the next round.
Tip 1 This can help knock out a strong front-line pet like a Hippo or Bison.
Tip 2 It’s a risk having this be the first attack because the first enemy pet may have Melon Armor.

Puppy Pack Items and Foods

This section includes every new item and food added in the Puppy Pack/Expansion Pack #2, also known as Pack 3 to some. I’ve updated this section to reflect the release stats and new food types added as well.

Tier 1 Items and Foods

Super Auto Pets - Peach  
Peach Give a pet +2 Health.
Notes The Peach feels like a replacement for the Apple.


Super Auto Pets - Strawberry  
Strawberry Give a pet Strawberry. (Enables Strawberry abilities.)
Notes Visit our guide for all pets to learn which pets synergize with this item.

Tier 2 Items and Foods

Super Auto Pets - Broccoli  
Broccoli Give a pet -1/+3.
Notes Broccoli works well if you’re trying to buff a pet that has high attack but low health. Or if you’re just looking to make a pet even tankier.


Super Auto Pets - Fried Shrimp  
Fried Shrimp Give a pet +3/-1.
Notes Fried Shrimp increases your attack unlike the Broccoli food type while still lowering your health slightly. This works similarly, however. Whether you’re trying to create a powerhouse of a pet or just get a little extra attack.

Tier 3 Items and Foods

Super Auto Pets - Cucumber  
Cucumber Give a pet Cucumber. (Gain +1 Health at end of turn.)
Notes This is a good item to buff a weak pet or create an especially strong one early on for the late game. It was a bit stronger in the beta as a tier 2 item, but it got bumped up.


Super Auto Pets - Lollipop  
Lollipop Swap Attack and Health of a pet.
Notes Used on the right pet, you may completely flip how they’re typically used for interesting results.

Tier 4 Items and Foods

Super Auto Pets - Cheese  
Cheese Give a pet Cheese. (Attack for double damage, once)
This can make a deadly pet even stronger for annoying late-game teams. Otherwise, you can use it to catch a low attack pet up to speed.


Super Auto Pets - Grapes  
Grapes Give a pet Grapes. (Gain +1 gold at the start of every turn.)
Notes Grapes can help get that extra gold you need if you don’t mind keeping it on a pet that won’t benefit from a better item. Or pair it with a pet that already gives gold per turn. Such as the Hamster in Expansion Pack #2.

Tier 5 Items and Foods

Super Auto Pets - Carrot  
Carrot Give a pet Carrot. (Gain +1/+1 at end of turn.)
Notes This is a small upgrade from the Cucumber that may come in a little late with it being in tier 6. However, you can still try to buff a pet for the rest of tier 6.


Super Auto Pets - Pepper  
Pepper Give a pet Pepper. (Health does not go under 1. Removed after taking damage.)
Notes Prioritize using this only on a weak pet since the description implies you’ll lose it after taking any damage. Unless you want to guarantee a heavy hitter stays alive.


Super Auto Pets - Stew  
Stew Give 3 random pets +2 Health.
Notes Take advantage of buying Stew if your pets are a little too squishy. Just make sure you don’t waste it if you plan on replacing them quickly.


Super Auto Pets - Taco  
Taco Give 3 random pets +2 Attack.
Notes The Taco is opposite Stew by focusing on increasing attack instead. Similar to Stew, try not to waste it if you’re going to replace your pets soon.

Tier 6 Items and Foods

Super Auto Pets - Hot Dog  
Hot Dog Give 2 random pets +4 Attack.
Notes The total increase of +8 Attack across your roster is always useful, but you never know which pets will get it. This can be risky while still being a strong food.


Super Auto Pets - Orange  
Orange Give 2 random pets +4 Health.
Notes The Orange is opposite the Hot Dog by focusing on Health instead. As always, this can help beef up your team if they’re squishy.


Super Auto Pets - Popcorn  
Popcorn Give a pet Popcorn. (Summon a random pet from the same tier after fainting.)
Notes Try to only give this item to a high-tier pet to take full advantage of it. Otherwise, you may end up with a pet that doesn’t hold up in tier 6.

Golden Pack Items and Foods

This section includes every new item and food added with the Golden Pack/Expansion Pack 3.

Tier 1 Items and Foods

Super Auto Pets - Egg  
Egg Give one pet the Egg perk. Deal 2 damage before attacking, once.

Tier 2 Items and Foods

Super Auto Pets - Cherry
Cherry Give one pet the Cherry perk. Gain 2 trumpets on faint.


Super Auto Pets - Chocolate Cake
Chocolate Cake Give one pet the Chocolate Cake perk. Gain +3 experience and faint before attacking.

Tier 3 Items and Foods

Super Auto Pets - Eggplant
Eggplant Give one pet the Eggplant perk. Push opposite enemy 1 space forward at the start of battle.


Super Auto Pets - Lettuce
Lettuce Give three pets from the current shop tier or higher +1 attack and +1 health.


Super Auto Pets - Avocado
Avocado Gain +3 gold on next turn.

Tier 4 Items and Foods

Super Auto Pets - Potato
Potato Give one pet the Potato perk. Take 10 less damage from abilities, twice. (Patch notes mention blocking splash damage from Chilli, but this isn’t mentioned in-game. Unsure if the change includes both or just the patch notes tweak.)


Super Auto Pets - Banana
Banana Give one pet the Banana perk. Summon one 4/4 Monkey on faint.


Super Auto Pets - Waffle
Waffle Activate buy ability.

Tier 5 Items and Foods

Super Auto Pets - Onion
Onion Give one pet the Onion perk. Move to the back when in the front, once.

Tier 6 Items and Foods

Super Auto Pets - Pita Bread
Pita Bread Give one pet the Pita Bread perk. Gain +15 health when hurt, once.


Super Auto Pets - Pretzel
Pretzel Give one pet +2 attack and +2 health. Double if all pets are tier 4 or higher.


Super Auto Pets - Tomato
Tomato Give one pet +2 attack and +2 health. Double if all pets are tier 4 or higher.

That’s all there is to this Super Auto Pets guide on All Items and Foods. If you have any questions for me, feel free to comment below and I’ll try to help out if I can. Be sure to visit our All Pets & Upgrades List for even more useful info. Or if you’re new to Super Auto Pets, maybe head over to our guide on How to Level Up.


Friday 17th of June 2022

i think you forgot lemon, croissant, pineapple and soft icecream. they are limited to weekly and custom packs!


Friday 25th of February 2022

is there not any other foods in the booster pack?

Jeffrey Lerman

Friday 25th of February 2022

Surprisingly no, but the next pack probably will based on teases from the developer.


Saturday 22nd of January 2022

If you use multiple foods on one animal, do the effects stack?

Jeffrey Lerman

Saturday 22nd of January 2022

Unfortunately no, they'll replace each other.