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Super Auto Pets – How to Level Up

Super Auto Pets - How to Level Up

Understanding how to level up pets in Super Auto Pets is important to improve their stats and abilities. While certain pets have the potential to do well regardless, leveling up is a major mechanic to take advantage of. Continue reading our guide for tips and tricks on how it all works.

How to Level Up in Super Auto Pets

Most Common Way to Get Experience

Super Auto Pets - How to Upgrade Pets

Keep in mind that a strategy is sometimes waiting to combine pets in the early rounds. This helps with having an extra pet early on.

Upgrading pets is a relatively simple mechanic that will help you win more games. It all revolves around getting experience for a pet to make it stronger. However, there are multiple ways to get experience and there’s even a neat trick worth mentioning. First, there are three levels for each pet and they all start at one.

The main method many players will use to level up their pets is to combine them. All you need to do is drag one onto another to give it experience. Depending on what level your pet is, it will require a different amount of experience to level up.

  • Level 1 to 2 is three pets total. This includes the starting one and then two more.
  • Level 2 to 3 is six pets total. This includes three at level 2 and then three more on top (assuming these ones are level 1).
  • Level 3 is the max so you can no longer gain experience.

Other Tricks to Get Experience

Super Auto Pets - Chocolate Experience Tip

Chocolate is easily one of the most valuable foods that you can get near the late game rounds.

As you get further into the Super Auto Pets tiers, you’ll unlock stronger pets and food as well. A popular food for experience when you’re struggling to get the pet you need is Chocolate. This is a tier 5 food that you can give to any pet for one experience. Even if you don’t have the money to buy it right away, it’s almost always worth freezing for later. Especially if you’re trying to level up the rare Sloth pet.

Another trick to level up in Super Auto Pets relies on paid pets included in Expansion Pack #1. If you don’t have the DLC, don’t worry, these are just abilities that some players can take advantage of. However, it’s worth being aware of in case you decide to battle players using them.

Super Auto Pets - Caterpillar Ability

The Caterpillar is a rare example of a pet that can level itself up without much effort. This image is from our All Pets & Upgrades List.

The first pet with an ability that provides experience is the tier 3 Caterpillar. While it can’t give experience to others, it gains experience every turn until it reaches level 3. This helps with reaching its full potential as a Butterfly which copies the stats of the strongest friend. You can see the levels and abilities of every pet in our All Pets & Upgrades List.

The second pet that has an ability related to experience is the tier 3 Hatching Chick. Unlike the Caterpillar, it can give friends experience once it reaches the final level. The Hatching Chick provides one experience to the friend ahead at the start of a turn. This is definitely a useful ability, but it may not be worth waiting for level 3 to utilize.

Reasons to Level Up Pets in Super Auto Pets

Super Auto Pets - Spider Strategy

Getting the Horse to level 2 definitely makes the Spider summon and Bee much stronger in this screenshot.

It’s important to prioritize upgrading most pets because their abilities can become stronger. Here are some quick examples of ones that benefit from leveling up. While many pets will simply gain an additional one Attack or one Health for their ability, some change entirely. This is where it starts to get fun with interesting Super Auto Pets strategies.

  • The Dog provides +1 Attack or +1 Health to friends summoned starting at level 1. Once it reaches level 3, this jumps to +3 Attack or +3 Health.
  • The Peacock gains +2 Attack when hurt starting at level 1. Once it reaches level 3, this jumps to +6 Attack.
  • The Spider summons one tier 3 pet as 2/2 when it faints, starting at level 1. Once it reaches level 3, that tier 3 summon is 6/6 instead.
Super Auto Pets - Level Up Tier Trick

Getting a tier 3 Ox when other teams are still stuck in tier 2 can be a strong advantage.

It’s important to mention that not all pet abilities benefit from leveling up. Certain ones like the Crab which copies the health of the friend ahead of it won’t change at all. With that said, you can still combine it with other Crabs to try and increase its stats. However, keep in mind, that its health will still be replaced by the friend in front of it.

The main trick to take advantage of when leveling up is unlocking a pet from the next tier immediately. Due to how Super Auto Pets works, tiers are unlocked as you get to later rounds. This means you can be at a round where tier 2 pets are only available, level up a pet, and get a tier 3 pet in the shop. You’ll still need to buy it, but this is a great way to get an early advantage.

Be Careful of Upgrading Certain Pets

Super Auto Pets - Peacock Elephant Combo

While the Peacock and Elephant combo is a strong strategy, it can backfire when used wrongly.

As you get more experienced with playing Super Auto Pets, you’ll learn more about the different synergies you can create. For example, putting an Elephant behind a Peacock so the Elephant damages the Peacock increasing its Attack. This can be a great synergy to slowly increase its’ Attack without dealing too much damage.

However, if you’re using this strategy, you probably won’t want to level up the Elephant. The Elephant deals 1 damage to the friend behind it at level 1. Once you level it up, it deals 1 damage to 2 friends behind and then 3 friends for the next level. This is a good example of how certain pets don’t benefit from higher levels.

Super Auto Pets - Badger Screenshot Tip

The Badger is a useful backup plan for when you want a draw. But, it can be deadly to your team if it’s upfront.

The Badger is another example of one to be careful of since it deals damage to adjacent pets, including yours. Unless you’re using it as the last pet in your team, you need to make sure you don’t accidentally take out friends. Since the Badger deals even more of its Attack damage as it levels up.

That’s all there is to this Super Auto Pets guide on how to level up. While there is a lot of information packed into it, I wanted to make sure to answer the majority of questions and provide some tips too. If you have any questions for me still, feel free to ask in the comments below.


Sunday 30th of January 2022

Is a lvl 2 pet worth 2 experience? Or just 1?

Jeffrey Lerman

Sunday 30th of January 2022

Two experience for level 2.