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Wartales – How to Fish For Food

Wartales - How to Fish Guide

Surviving in the open-world RPG game Wartales can be tough if you don’t have a good way to get food. This is why it’s especially important to learn how to fish and how to get the Angler profession. Fortunately, it isn’t too complicated but it can be easy to miss since there isn’t much to guide you.

The Angler profession is one of eight different jobs added with the Steam Early Access release of Wartales. Similar to other professions that you can assign your companions, you can take advantage of it to get a stat boost. Companions with the Angler role will get +1 Willpower which can be nice for any class.

Even though certain classes tend to benefit more from other stat boosts instead. Such as giving the Brute class the Miner profession for +2 Consitution. While Willpower will help their morale, Constitution will go much farther in increasing their health. Or assign the Thief role for +1 Dexterity and pick locked chests for loot.

How to Fish in Wartales

Where to Find Fish in Tiltren County

Wartales - Where to Find Fish

Did you know you get a 10% experience boost after discovering every profession in Wartales?

Before you start fishing, you’ll need to unlock the Angler profession since you can’t assign it until you’ve discovered it. Fortunately, all this requires is finding a fishing spot on the map which you need to do anyway. This is represented by a small sparkle over water, near the coast. If you hover your mouse over it, it’ll say, “Shoal of Fish”.

A good place to find one is the Tiltren Jail and across the water from it as well. You can find this pool of water directly east of the Stromkapp village. And on the eastern side of the pond is the Tiltren Jail. Or you can travel west of Stromkapp where another source of water is. It doesn’t seem that these spots will come back. But you can repeatedly fish at Old Wilburt’s Fishery, south of Stromkapp.

Wartales - Fishing Number Counters

Those counters near the bottom of the screen are simple but important.

Now that you have a place to fish, click the sparkle to discover the Angler profession. You’ll need to assign it to one of your companions before you can start fishing. This is the same as any other job in Wartales, such as mining or tinkering. Next, let’s discuss what each number means at the bottom of the screen when fishing.

You should notice two counters with one showing a fish next to it and the other a Fish Hook. First, the fish represents how many you can catch at that spot. It doesn’t matter if you fail the minigame, it still shouldn’t count down. Second, the other one represents how many Fish Hooks you have in your inventory. If you don’t have any at all, you won’t be able to fish.

How to Get Fish Hooks

Wartales - How to Get Fish Hooks

The Tinker profession is useful for improving your Camp. You can craft weapons, items, and useful structures like the Tent or Cooking Pot.

These are relatively easy to get since you can either buy them off certain traders for cheap or craft them yourself. The best way to get Fish Hooks is to craft them at your Camp. All you’ll need is one Iron Ore per Fish Hook. If you don’t have any, you can search the map along mountains for deposits that sparkle similar to the fishing spot. Also, you can find iron deposits in the Mount Altis Salt Mine southeast of Stromkapp.

If you haven’t used the Workshop in your Camp yet, you’ll need to for this process. Once you’ve opened up the Camp area on the world map, you can right-click the Workshop to start crafting. Assign one of your companions the Tinkerer role and then craft a Fish Hook in the new window that appears. I recommend crafting at least a couple for each fishing spot.

Fish Hooks won’t break after one use, but they will after a few. This includes each failed attempt at the minigame and every successful one too. I’m not positive if it’s always three uses to break one or not. So feel free to comment if you learn otherwise. Also, this could change with updates to Wartales at a late time.

How to Start the Fishing Minigame

Wartales - How to Win Fishing Minigame

Knowing how to start the fishing minigame in Wartales is the first place to start.

Now that you have an Angler companion and Fish Hooks, you can start the minigame. First, make sure you’re at a fishing spot/Shoal of Fish again. This screen will show your companion with a fishing pole over some water. You can now click the water to start a minigame, but continue reading before you do.

This minigame will reveal a bar at the bottom of your screen with a line in the center and a tiny fish above it. As the fish pulls away from you, it will pull to the left on the bar. You’ll need to keep clicking and/or holding left-click to pull the fish back to the right on the bar. Your main goal is to prevent the fish from entering the red for too long and getting away.

Wartales - Fishing Minigame Tips

The minigame can be a little tough at first, so try not to take your eye off that bar.

While the fish will never pull to the right, it will pull at different strengths during the minigame. This is why it’s important to be careful you don’t hold left-click down for too long. As you may pull it right into the red yourself by mistake.

Another useful tip worth mentioning is that you can see how long it takes to catch them by looking at the fish in the water. A small circle will appear around it, depleting until it’s caught. I wouldn’t focus too much on this circle since you really need to look at the bar to succeed. Especially since it doesn’t take long to catch them anyway.

Wartales Screenshot Food Tips

Long journeys away from town can make keeping your party fed difficult if you don’t know how to get food.

If you have any other Wartales questions for me, feel free to ask in the comments. Otherwise, that’s all there is to this guide on how to fish. This is a decent way to help get food without having to spend your hard-earned Krowns. Especially since the Carp and Eel provide two food each.


Tuesday 14th of December 2021

This seems like a torturous twitchy minigame. Any tricks to make it less so? (I lost 2 hooks immediately so yes they do disappear after 1 use.)

Jeffrey Lerman

Tuesday 14th of December 2021

Hey Badfisher, yeah, this minigame can be annoying for sure. I recorded some quick gameplay showing how I usually do it. While I can usually react quickly enough to the fish, it helps to watch the arrows on the bar. This shows every time the fish starts pulling again to the left.

Depending on how you play, you can do long clicks like my video below. Or you can do short clicks, but you'll need to click more frequently then.