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Crab Game – How to Slide Tricks

Crab Game - How to Slide Guide

Winning in Crab Game can be a struggle if you don’t know all the movement tricks like how to slide. This can be useful for slipping underneath bunks and plenty of tiny hole gaps on certain levels. And even for boosting yourself forward to get away from other players. Continue reading our guide for how to slide, how to infinitely, and more.

Make sure to also visit our other guide on How to Bhop in Crab Game. While it doesn’t quite work perfectly as it does in certain games, there are still tricks to take advantage of. If you plan on winning, it doesn’t hurt to understand how every tip works.

How to Slide in Crab Game

Crab Game - Sliding Tips and Tricks

There are plenty of small holes on certain maps for slipping through to get away from other players.

If you’ve ever noticed other players sliding quickly away from you or through gaps you can’t follow, this is how. They’re taking advantage of the sliding mechanic which is easy to do but also easy to not know about. Since Crab Game doesn’t have any type of tutorial or tips to teach you how to play, many players don’t know about certain tricks.

This trick takes advantage of sprinting and then crouching shortly afterward. By default, you’ll need to press Shift and run in any direction, then press C to crouch. While you’ll go faster sliding forward instead of to the side, it does still work regardless. If you’d prefer to change either keybind, you can do this in the Settings menu under Controls. C can be a little difficult to press frequently.

It’s worth mentioning that you can also change crouching to toggle in the same Settings area. I don’t think this makes it easier to slide, but some people may prefer to use this instead. You won’t need to hold C while sliding anymore, but you will need to press it when you stop to stand up.

How to Slide Infinitely in Crab Game

Crab Game - How to Slide Infinitely

Sliding infinitely is great in modes like Tile Dive where you need to touch tiles to convert them to your team color.

The next trick worth learning is sliding infinitely even though it doesn’t seem extremely useful. If you do a normal slide as explained in the above section, you’ll automatically stop at a certain point. This can prevent you from taking advantage of a little more speed. Also, you may be a more difficult target to interact with.

This can make it tough for players to give you the bomb or a stick in certain modes. And that can be a game-changer especially if it’s getting close to the end. Or even if you’re trying to keep your hat for a few more points.

Crab Game - Red Light Green Light Minigame

Red Light Green Light is the last mode I’d mess around too much with movement tricks unless you’re near the end.

The trick to sliding infinitely in Crab Game is relatively simple. Instead of sprinting in one direction and then sliding, you’ll need to sprint diagonally. For example, holding W+A and then sliding. As long you don’t let go of W+A, Shift, and C, you’ll slide considerably farther.

Similar to the previous section, you can do this in any direction as well. While you’re bound to get more speed moving forward, you can still slide backward by doing the same technique diagonally. For example, holding S+A or S+D, Shift, and C.

How to Slide Jump in Crab Game

Crab Game - Slide Jump Tip

Slide jumping can help give you the extra boost you need to get across a large gap.

Another fun trick makes it so you can boost yourself forward quickly and even reach platforms farther away. This is even easier to do than sliding infinitely since there isn’t a whole lot to it. All you need to do is press C and Spacebar to jump at the same time. You don’t need to do it at the exact same time, but it does need to be close.

As long as you do this correctly, you’ll slide jump forward at a decent speed reaching farther. This is another popular trick Crab Game players take advantage of to win. You’ll definitely want to take advantage of this on certain levels and plenty of modes. Just be careful you don’t find yourself sliding too far or overshooting a ledge and taking fall damage.

Crab Game - Dorm Lights Out Minigame

If you have any other Crab Game questions for me, feel free to comment below for help. Or take a look at other useful guides we’ve covered for common questions in the community. Visit any of the ones listed below by clicking them.