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Crab Game – How to Ready

Crab Game - How to Ready

It doesn’t hurt to know how to ready up in Crab Game so you can start your match even sooner. Once your server has enough people that you want to start playing, you can ready up to get the countdown started. Otherwise, you’ll be stuck waiting in the lobby for a match to start and it never will.

Fortunately, it seems you only need half the lobby ready for the timer to start counting down. Make sure you continue reading our short guide below on how to ready up so you don’t have people mad at you.

How to Ready in Crab Game

Crab Game - Ready Lobby Screenshot

If you’ve noticed at the top right corner that a bunch of players are ready and you still aren’t, continue reading our guide.

If you’re using the default controls and haven’t changed anything in the settings, there isn’t much to this. All you need to do is find a small pedestal in the center of the room with a red button on it. For whatever reason, this button doesn’t have a text prompt telling you what to do so this can be confusing.

However, once you find the button, just run over to it, look at it, and press E. You don’t need to hold it or anything crazy. You should immediately notice the red text at the top right saying “Not Ready” switch to a green text saying “Ready”. If you need to unready for some reason, you can do so by pressing E on the red button again.

Crab Game - Red Button Screenshot

That little red button in the center of the dorm room isn’t there for no reason.

Your name will also appear with a green background on the player board above the doors in the lobby. Anyone who hasn’t pressed the red button yet will have a red background instead. So if you’re playing with a friend and notice they haven’t readied up yet, you know what to do! This is especially the case when you’re playing in a small private lobby.

As mentioned near the top of this guide, once enough people have readied up, a timer will start. You can see this at the top right corner below the number of players. Or you can also see it above the player board with everyone’s name listed.

Crab Game - Ice Floor Minigame

Be careful of other players trying to push you on tough levels like the ice floor minigame.

That’s all there is to this quick and simple Crab Game guide on how to ready. If you have any other questions like how to talk or why voice chat isn’t working, visit our guide on How to Chat With Others. Or feel free to comment below the guide for help and I’ll try to get back to you if I’m able to help.