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Grounded – How to Get Dew Collector

Grounded - How to Make a Dew Collector

Surviving the large world that is Grounded can be tough if you don’t know how to keep hydrated. That’s why learning how to get the Dew Collector building is important. Due to a few updates through Grounded’s development, the recipe has changed slightly. This has made several guides outdated leading to some confusion.

If you’re one of many players returning to the game or even someone new, this guide is for you. We’ve got the new recipe as well as what you need to know to get each ingredient. This will help you stay hydrated so you don’t need to worry about it anymore.

How to Get a Dew Collector in Grounded

Grounded - Dew Collector Silk Rope

Knocking out this recipe used to be much simpler before an update introduced Silk Rope.

The original recipe required Web Fibers that you can get from killing spiders or harvesting their webs. However, an update eventually added the Spinning Wheel where you can create new materials by refining raw ones. This changed the Dew Collector recipe from requiring Web Fibers to now needing Silk Rope.

Once you analyze Web Fiber at a lab, you’ll immediately get the Silk Rope recipe. Fortunately, that part is relatively simple. It’s a one-to-one ratio meaning you’ll get 1 Silk Rope for every 1 Web Fiber. The only frustrating part early on is that you’ll need to make the Spinning Wheel. This slightly tougher recipe requires:

Spinning Wheel Recipe

  • 2 Acorn Tops
  • 4 Clay
  • 4 Ant Parts
  • 3 Sap
  • 4 Crude Rope

The main reason this can be a little frustrating to craft is getting Clay. You’ll need to visit ponds near the bottom-right of the map, by the hedges. You’ll need to be careful around here because it’s filled with tough enemies. The worst being the Mosquitos.

Once you’ve successfully crafted a Spinning Wheel, simply toss some Web Fiber into it. Then, you’ll need to hunt down some Dandelions for Weed Stems. Afterward, all you need is five Crude Rope and 8 Quartzite. Visit our guide on Where to Find Quartzite if you need help.

Keep in mind, you don’t need to chop Husky Weeds for Weed Stems. The Dandelions are the easier option since tier 1 tools like the Pebblet Axe work fine. However, if you want more Weed Stems, you can chop down Husky Weeds using tier 2 tools.

Dew Collector Recipe

Grounded - Dew Collector Recipe

  • 5 Crude Rope (15 Plant Fiber)
  • 6 Weed Stems
  • 8 Quartzite
  • 5 Silk Rope (5 Web Fiber)

How to Make a Water Container

Another building easily worth making alongside your Dew Collector is the Water Container. This can store up to six drops of any liquid so you can keep getting droplets. I easily recommend building it if you’re playing with others in multiplayer as well.  Keep in mind, you’ll need a Canteen to deposit water into it.

If you need help getting Acorn Shells for the recipe, you can find them on the ground by the Oak Tree. This is the giant tree with orange leaves that you can often see by looking up. One more quick tip, you can also store liquid from juice boxes found throughout Grounded.

Water Container Recipe

  • 3 Acorn Shells
  • 2 Crude Rope
  • 1 Clover Leaf

If you have any other Grounded questions, feel free to comment below the guide asking for help. I’ll do my best to answer if I can. Otherwise, be sure to visit the guide hub for more useful tips and tricks. Or one of the many guides listed below instead.