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Grounded – How to Get Thistle Needles

Grounded - How to Get Thistle Needles

If you want to make arrows in the survival game Grounded, you’ll need to learn how to get Thistle Needles. While this is a simple ingredient to gather, it’s easy to have no idea at first. So don’t worry, that’s why I’ve put together this quick guide explaining how.

How to Get Thistle Needles in Grounded

Getting the tier 1 bow is huge for dealing with tough enemies that you’re still new to. There’s nothing wrong with cheesing a spider or a ladybug from far away. With that said, you’ll need to find a thistle plant first which is based on the real-life plant.

Fortunately, enough of them are spread throughout Grounded’s world that you can often see them in the distance. The best way to spot one is by looking for the bright purple top to it. You can see this in the screenshot above.

When Grounded was originally released, collecting Thistle Needles was slightly different. All you had to do was chop away at a thistle plant with an axe. This led to getting an infinite amount of the item whenever you needed it. However, an update tweaked that to physically collecting each individual needle.

Grounded - Thistle Needle Screenshot

You don’t need any tools to collect Thistle Needles, so don’t worry about that. You can simply grab them one at a time by hand.

So if you’re a returning player and aren’t quite sure what to do, this is why. All you need to do is check the inside stem leading up where you can collect Thistle Needles along it. Depending on how many you need, you may have to jump up each leaf to collect more. Fortunately, these are placed around the plant making it a little easier.

If you visit the thistle plant near the pond shown in each screenshot, be careful of spiders. While you likely won’t see Wolf Spiders around, the Orb Weavers are common. The one good thing is that you can hide on top of a thistle plant and wait for them to go away.

If you have any other Grounded questions for me, feel free to comment below the article for help. In the meantime, visit our guide hub for every guide we have on the game. Or if you’d prefer, take a look at one of the ones listed below.