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Foxhole – VAC Check Failed Fixes

Steam VAC Check Failed Guide

A common issue that seems to impact Steam users across various games is the VAC Check Failed error. I noticed this recently when a friend of mine tried playing Foxhole and couldn’t quite get through. Unfortunately, there doesn’t seem to be one specific fix that works, so I’ve put together some that you can try.

Before getting into each of the several fixes below, it’s worth mentioning that a simple computer restart fixed it for my buddy. This worked for Foxhole specifically after trying a few different fixes.

Potential VAC Check Failed Fixes to Try

Restart Your PC

The silly but common solution for many computer problems is to simply restart it. This can reset whatever is breaking your game and preventing a VAC check from successfully getting through. If you’d prefer not to jump to this solution yet, you can check the ones below first instead.

Restart the Game You’re Trying to Play

Before restarting your computer, you may want to try restarting the game giving you this error. While this guide is specifically for Foxhole, you can obviously try this solution on any game. It doesn’t seem as likely to work, but I’d try everything, personally.

Verify Integrity of Game Files

This solution exclusive to Steam is great to know about if you don’t already. It’s often a useful fix for plenty of other problems you may run into. This provides a way for you to verify the files of a specific game scanning for anything missing or broken. In most cases, there always seems to be a file or two, so don’t panic.

The method for doing this fix works the same for every game, whether it’s Foxhole or not. Here’s what you need to do:

  1. Open the Steam library.
  2. Right-click a game in your library and then click “Properties…”
  3. This will open a new window where you’ll need to click on the “Local Files” tab.
  4. Once you’re on the Local Files tab, simply click “Verify integrity of game files…”
  5. A new window will appear showing progress as it verifies each file. Once it finishes, a download will start for any broken or missing files.

Run Steam as the Administrator

Another common fix for certain problems on Steam is running it as the Administrator. Sometimes certain privileges get messed up when you aren’t playing a game this way. Fortunately, you don’t need to find every single game and run it as the Administrator. You can do this just when you open up Steam and it will work for each game.

For those unfamiliar with how to do this, you can right-click Steam and click to “Run as Administrator”. If the user on your PC doesn’t have privileges, you may need to enter a password.

Repair the Steam Client

This method for fixing the VAC Check Failed problem is directly from Valve, the company that owns Steam. This is similar to verifying the integrity of a game’s files, but for Steam itself instead. Before attempting this solution, you’ll need Administrator privileges. Here are the steps to repair the Steam client:

  1. Exit Steam completely so it’s no longer running.
  2. Press the Windows key and R at the same time to open the run menu.
  3. Type this command and then press enter: “C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\bin\SteamService.exe/” /repair
  4. Once the process completes, open Steam back up and see if the VAC Check Failed error is gone.

Whitelist Steam in Your Antivirus

Since VAC stands for Valve Anti-Cheat System, this error can sometimes be due to your antivirus. If it’s blocking any specific files from running or being accessed, VAC can get caught up. That’s why you may want to whitelist your Steam folder or the specific game you’re playing.

While there are a few other tricks you can try online, these are the common ones circulating for the VAC Check Failed error. If you have any luck with one working, be sure to let us know. And if you figure out a different fix that works, comment below to help others too. This is a frustrating problem for Foxhole and any game really.