Steam Guide Activating a Key

Foxhole – VAC Check Failed Fixes

A common issue that seems to impact Steam users across various games is the VAC Check Failed error. I noticed this recently when a friend of mine tried playing Foxhole…

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Foxhole - How to Redeploy Guide

Foxhole – How to Redeploy

Knowing how to redeploy in Foxhole is useful in case you run out of spawns or want to check a different area. Especially if you notice people in chat begging…

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Foxhole - Bayonet Trenches Screenshot

Foxhole – How to Use a Bayonet

A significant portion of the game Foxhole often takes place in trenches and that’s why it’s important to know how to use a bayonet. This simple tool is great for…

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Foxhole - How to Refill Medkits

Foxhole – How to Refill Medkits

One of the most important Foxhole game roles is a medic to keep everyone alive on the front. This is why it’s important to understand how the healing and reviving…

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