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New World – Faction Reputation Capped at 3,000 Fix

New World - How to Unlock Faction Cap

Earning faction reputation in New World is important so you can continue unlocking stronger gear. There’s currently some confusion in the community over how it works since the game doesn’t make it clear. The first rank locks your reputation at 3,000 preventing you from getting any higher. Continue reading our guide on how to unlock that faction cap.

Faction Reputation Cap in New World

Once you make a little progress in this MMORPG, you’ll get the opportunity to join a faction. Most of you here have probably already done so. Over time, you’ll gain faction reputation from completing faction quests and open-world PvP. This helps with reaching higher ranks where you can get higher-level weapons and armor.

While it may seem faction reputation is locked at 3,000, it isn’t. First, you’ll need to reach 3,000 reputation regardless of which one you’re in. You may already have a quest that tells you to do this without saying much else. Once you reach that cap, you’ll either get a quest immediately or need to visit a faction representative. You can find one in any settlement.

New World - Faction Shop Items

Look through the faction shop for high gear score items of every type.

Now you’ll have two quests that revolve around reaching the next rank. One will still simply talk about your reputation that you can ignore. While the other will likely tell you to go somewhere for a challenge.

For example, the first rank quest for the Marauders is Trial of the Gladiator. This sends you to Cutless Keys where you’ll need to speak with the faction representative there. However, they won’t give you the quest unless you’re level 24. Afterward, they’ll update your quest sending you to the Monarch’s Bluff region. Once you kill a boss here, you’ll immediately rise in rank to Gladiator.

I haven’t experimented with every faction, so I can’t say the exact steps for each. But it’s likely they all follow a similar path. Even though they may send you to different areas. Feel free to share your experiences in the comments if you want to help others.

Faction Rank Reputations Needed

New World - Faction Rank Reputation

Continue working your way through the tiers to unlock more items in the shop.

Regardless of which faction you joined in New World, they all have the same ranks and reputation required for each. Here’s a quick rundown of each and how much you need to reach it.

  1. Soldier – Starting rank
  2. Gladiator – 3,000
  3. Ravager – 11,000
  4. Destroyer – 26,000
  5. Commander – 49,000

Make sure you check your representative in town every time you rank up so you can get new gear. This is why it’s easily worth completing the faction quests for tokens so you can buy strong weapons and armor. Keep in mind, you can still work on PvE missions if you’d prefer to not toggle on for PvP ones. You can also work on PvE missions with other factions.

Another great way to get tokens if you don’t mind PvP is to fight other players. You can earn several hundred tokens and experience for each player kill depending on how long they’ve been alive. I wouldn’t recommend ganking low-level players, but keeping PvP toggled while searching for a fight. Or you can visit the PvP mission areas to try and find people.

If you have any other New World questions for me, feel free to ask in the comments below. I’m happy to try and help if I can. Otherwise, be sure to visit other useful guides here at Slyther Games listed below.


Monday 11th of October 2021

hey, I have all the trials of sindicate completed, but i still have my faccion points capped at 25k. I cant buy faccion weapons that are worth 50k :( I heard I need to complete another question in other to raise my faccion cap points, do you know wich one?

Jeffrey Lerman

Wednesday 13th of October 2021

Have you completed the Trial of the Alchemist? From what I've seen online, that seems to be the final trial for the Syndicate faction. I'd assume that would be the last faction point cap increase. But I haven't reached the final trial for a faction personally to say.


Monday 4th of October 2021

I have checked the faction representative, and been doing all main missions, but I'm still locked at 3000 rep. Can't figure it out..

Jeffrey Lerman

Monday 4th of October 2021

You should have a quest specifically from your faction that mentions how to go up in rank. As mentioned in the article, the Marauder one is, "Trial of the Gladiator". This quest sends you to Cutless Keys where you can speak to the faction representative at level 24.

Regardless of the faction you're in, you'll need to be level 24 despite it recommending you're at least level 20. If you're not sure where to go for a faction, just let me know and I'll look deeper into it.