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New World – Can You Play With Other Factions

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Deciding what faction to join in New World can be a difficult decision if you don’t understand the system. Fortunately, there isn’t anything that makes one faction better than another. However, it is important to know it prevents you from doing certain things. Continue reading our guide below on whether you can play with other factions or not.

Can You Play With Other Factions in New World

Once you reach a certain level, you’ll get a quest to visit three NPCs each representing a faction. This plays a major role in the PvP side of the game, even though you can still experience some PvE too. Fortunately, joining a faction doesn’t mean you have to do any PvP content unless you want to.

With that said, you can still play with other factions, but it limits you on the PvP side. In most cases, you’ll want to plan with your friends which one you join. Because the guilds in New World known as Companies require you to be in the same faction. This is another way to build a community of friends and participate in larger-scale PvP.

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If you want to play with people in a different faction from yours, you can still invite them to your party/group. However, it can’t be a PvP group. This is because the three factions are all at war with each other. New World separates groups from each other by PvE and PvP only. Due to the way this works, you’ll still be able to engage in any PvE content with other factions.

You just won’t be able to do territory wars or PvP faction missions together, for example. Or if a group wants to roam around ganking enemy factions, you can’t join together. Not to say two people from different factions couldn’t target the third faction.

How to Change Faction in New World

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What are your thoughts on each faction? The Marauders’ pirate ship got my attention immediately.

If you picked a faction already and need to change it for some reason, don’t panic, there is a way! Fortunately, the first time you switch sides it won’t set a cooldown timer. But, the second time you do, you’ll have to wait 120 days before being able to switch again. This is likely to prevent people from taking advantage of it and switching to the winning side.

All you need to do is press the “K” key by default to open up your Character menu. If this doesn’t work for some reason, you can press Escape instead and click over to it. Now make sure you’re on the first tab labeled “Bio”. As long as you’re not currently in a Company, you’ll have a button that says “Change Faction” on the left side.

This button is at the bottom left corner, below your faction banner. Just remember, make sure you pick the right one because you don’t want to wait another 120 days.

If you have any other New World questions for me, feel free to comment below the guide. I’ll do my best to get back to you if I can help.