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New World – Where to Sell Items

New World - Where to Sell Items Guide

If you’ve just started playing New World and aren’t quite sure where to sell items, this guide is for you. Since this MMORPG has a focus on a player-based economy, it can be a little tough knowing what to do with items you don’t need. This is where I come in to give you a few ideas on how you can sell items. And what items are best to sell.

Where to Sell Items in New World

For those unfamiliar with player-based economies, this means everything revolves around the playerbase. This is a common setup in sandbox MMORPGs where the focus is on the players crafting and trading with each other. You’ll often also see a lack of NPC trading which forces you to interact with the community.

Don’t worry if you’re someone who prefers to play MMORPGs alone. You can still get away with selling items without needing to talk to anyone. This is where the Trading Post comes into play.

Sell Items at the Trading Post

New World - Where to Sell Items Guide

The center of a settlement often has the most player activity because it’s where the Trading Post is.

The main place to sell items in New World is the Trading Post inside settlements. This is where the majority of transactions between players take place. However, it’s important to mention that while every settlement has a Trading Post, they’re separate from each other. For example, the Windsward market is separate from Everfall.

With that said, you can usually find the Trading Post near the center of a settlement. You’ll find all sorts of orders/items that other players have listed for sale. There are even buy orders for people that are trying to buy an item at a certain price. This can be a good way to offload an item instantly. Even though buy orders typically buy at a lower price.

Selling items at the Trading Post is definitely the best way to make money in New World. Especially if you’re trying to save up for an expensive house or claiming territory. The best way to find out what’s valuable is to think about what’s in demand. For example, while playing you may have noticed a really annoying item to get for a quest. That’s bound to sell well on the market.

New World - Trading Post Orders

Take advantage of buy and sell orders to make the most money in New World. You can use buy orders to buy low and sell high.

Or if you look into a popular build online that someone recommends using a specific gem. Start crafting that weapon with that gem and you’re bound to make decent money. My other favorite source of money is selling crafting materials that players frequently need. Take advantage of items needed for Town Projects like Fish Filet, Stone Blocks, Water, and easy-to-make potions too.

Trade Directly With Other Players

The less popular choice for selling items in New World is trading with other players. If you don’t want to use the Trading Post, you can try bartering with others. All you need to do is find them in-game and initiate a trade by pressing “H” when looking at them. This will pop open a window where you can start a trade.

This is a good way to trade with friends, company members, or anyone really. You can share items in the text chat if you think you have something valuable. This is a good opportunity to offload weapons and armor you don’t use. Just make sure it’s not bound to your character. Depending on the weapon/armor, certain items may bind on pickup or equip.

Salvage items For Money in New World

New World - How to Salvage Items

While you do get money from salvaging items, it’s not worth it.

The final choice you have if you don’t want to sell an item is to salvage it for money. I highly don’t recommend doing this for money since you tend to get a tiny amount. And when I say tiny, I mean sometimes decimals below one gold.

With that said, it’s still important to take advantage of salvaging items. You’ll need to salvage weapons and armor if you want Repair Parts for repairing gear. This is especially important if you’re dying a lot due to the death penalty.

If you have any other New World questions for me, feel free to comment below. I’ll do my best to help out if I can. Otherwise, be sure to visit our other guides on common questions from the community.


Wednesday 6th of October 2021

I do not seem to be able to sell weapons or armor at the trading post. Yet I see these items for sale. What am I doing wrong?

Jeffrey Lerman

Wednesday 6th of October 2021

I'm not at the market right now, but you may just have to switch to the Sell tab. Then find the item you want to sell by looking through the filters on the left. Similar to as if you were going to search for an item to buy. Once you click onto an item, there are two ways to sell it.

If another player has a buy order, you can directly sell to them immediately at the price they have set. Otherwise, you'll need to set your own sell order in the hopes that someone will buy it. If that's still a little too confusing let me know and I'll head over to the market. This is mostly going off memory haha.