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New World – How to Repair Items

New World - How to Repair Guide

If you’ve had your first death in New World or haven’t changed your gear recently, you may notice a white bar beneath it. This represents that item’s current durability showing that it’s damaged. Depending on how your character dies, that damage can vary a good amount. Continue reading our guide below to learn how to repair weapons and armor.

How to Repair Items in New World

Before doing anything, you’ll want to open up the inventory screen so you can see your gear. This will show everything equipped and also unequipped on the right side. Chances are if you died, you may have unequipped gear that’s damaged too.

You have a couple of options for repairing your gear depending on how bad it is. First, you can outright repair it so it stays ready to go at all times. Fortunately, there doesn’t seem to be a penalty for damaged items. Only when they hit 0 and are no longer usable until fixed. Second, you can continue following the New World questline and get new gear replacing what you have.

Fortunately, repairing gear is relatively simple and doesn’t require too much. Due to this MMORPG focusing on a player economy without much in the way of NPC shops, you’ll need to repair your own gear. Before you can fix any weapons or armor, you’ll need to get Repair Parts first.

How to Get Repair Parts


The main way to stock up on Repair Parts is by salvaging old gear you no longer need. As you get deeper into New World, you’ll often need to bind items to your character. This prevents selling it at the Trading Post or giving it to anyone else. At which point, you can’t really do much with that gear aside from salvaging.

You can easily salvage an item by hovering over it, then pressing “S” and left-clicking simultaneously. A window will appear saying what you may get from salvaging it. Chances are you’ll get Repair Parts and a tiny amount of gold. Keep in mind, you can also salvage other items like fish and junk for resources.

How to Repair Using Repair Parts

New World - Repair All Items Tip

The most common way you’ll repair your gear in New World is using Repair Parts.

Once you have enough parts, simply press “R” and left-click an item to repair it. A window will appear saying what items are required. This will also take a small amount of gold, sometimes even below one.

If you’d prefer to not repair items using this method, you can craft Repair Kits instead. But with how New World currently works, there doesn’t seem to be a strong reason to use them. Especially since you can fix your gear anywhere without needing a kit.

A quick trick worth mentioning is taking advantage of the two Repair All buttons. The first one for fixing equipped gear literally says, “Repair All” below your character on the inventory screen. The second button is much easier to miss unless you have a habit of checking everything. Look for a small wrench icon near each inventory tab with gear in it.

This button will repair every item in that tab section. I take advantage of this when I have damaged gear I want to put on the Trading Post. Also, these buttons will pop up a window showing the requirements, similar to other methods.

That’s all there is to this New World guide on how to repair items. If you have any other questions for me, feel free to comment below the guide. I’d love to help out if I can. I highly recommend visiting my guide on factions if you haven’t picked one yet.