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If you’re a fan of shooter games, get ready for Disintegration from V1 Interactive with this guide about crews. The competitive multiplayer modes featured in the recent technical beta have classes known as crews. Each crew has a unique loadout, design, and more that makes their playstyle interesting. Every crew has a massive ship rigged …

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I was lucky growing up that I went through my education without racism being an issue. My peers weren’t bullying each other over race or religion, and something like the Holocaust always seemed so far away. With the amount of hatred that already exists, I think we realized there’s no reason to add to it …

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A common discussion in the Escape from Tarkov community is whether or not macros are allowed. If you search around online, you’ll stumble across forums and Reddit threads mostly filled with people saying their own thoughts but no official statement. However, developer Battlestate Games does have a blurred stance against macros.

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