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Escape from Tarkov – Learn the Interchange Map in 2024

Escape from Tarkov - Learn the Interchange Map Guide

Learn all the different exits and extracts on the Interchange map in Escape from Tarkov. This guide explains the requirements for special extractions if you’re having trouble getting out for some reason. I’ve also included plenty of tips and tricks similar to our other Tarkov map guides.

Finding the extractions on Interchange can be a little simpler than other maps, but it’s unfortunately still easy to get lost. You’ll likely get lost inside the mall unless you’re running outside looting hidden stashes. The mall is where most of the action and looting take place.

InterchangeCustomsFactoryShorelineReserveWoodsStreets of TarkovGround Zero

Every Interchange Extract/Exit

Escape from Tarkov - Interchange Map All Extractions

Click the map to expand it and zoom in further. Interchange map credit to Lorathor.

No Special Conditions

Emercom Checkpoint (Video) Railway Exfil (Video)

Has Special Conditions

Hole in the Fence PMC extract that you can only use if you don’t have a backpack equipped. (Video)
Power Station V-Ex PMC extract that requires 5,000 Roubles per player with a maximum of four players total. Takes 60 seconds before the vehicle leaves. You’ll need to be there when it leaves, but you can walk away. Checking your extractions will show the countdown. Extraction disappears once used. (Video)
Scav Camp (Co-Op) Requires a player SCAV and PMC together to extract. (Video)
Saferoom Exfil PMC extract that requires a few steps and the Object #11SR Keycard. First, turn on the power at Power Station. Second, flush the urinal inside the Burger Spot store. Then, a keycard panel will slide down below the urinal. Swipe the Object #11SR Keycard here. Finally, head to the Saferoom and interact with the button next to the door inside to lock the door. (Video)

Interchange Hidden Stash Map

Escape from Tarkov - Interchange Hidden Stash Map

Click the Interchange stash map to expand it. Map credit to Lorathor.

Hidden stashes are a great way to find loot in Escape from Tarkov whether you’re new or just looking for a safer run. Since every stash is outside the Interchange mall, you won’t run into as many players. Unless they’re doing the same thing you are or perhaps checking them before extracting.

As usual, shout out to map creator Lorathor for designing these maps to help out other players. Even though there are map items in-game, they’re too vague to rely on so map creators are always incredible. In the case of Interchange, I recommend learning the extracts and hidden stashes on the outside first. This will help you get some loot as a PMC before diving into the mall.

Dangerous Areas on Interchange in Escape from Tarkov

Escape from Tarkov - Dangerous Areas Inside Interchange

Make sure you take advantage of wearing a headset so you can hear every little sound. Audio is your best bet for detecting nearby players and SCAVs.

Learning the dangerous areas on Interchange can be tough since the entire mall will feel dangerous. Despite finding safe paths on other maps, it’s tough with Interchange for a few reasons. Since the mall is extremely dark, you can get caught off guard by players camping in dark corners or even AI SCAVs. On top of that, there are also a ton of long corridors and open areas.

With that said, you should still be careful near the Power Station V-Ex extract on the outside. For a cheap 5,000 Roubles, I frequently take advantage of this exit if I don’t want to run to the others. However, there are usually a couple of SCAVs in the area or potentially another player headed over too. Since it takes 60 seconds for the car to leave, you’re potentially vulnerable in that window.

Escape from Tarkov - Goshan Grocery Store on Interchange

Also, if you take a look at the main map in this guide, you may notice that every PMC player spawns on the outside. Based on each spawn, you have to be careful since there may be a player close to your left and right. Chances are a couple of players will search the hidden stashes along the outside. So you may run into them if you wait around too long.

However, the majority of players will probably race to the mall to find certain high loot areas. Especially stores with electronics like graphics cards or the Kiba weapon shop. Aside from worrying about player spawns, the next section covers why you have to worry about Killa as well.

Raid Boss Locations on the Interchange Map

Escape from Tarkov - Raid Boss Spawns Killa

While Killa originally only spawned on the first floor, patch 12.11 introduced several new spawns. Even including the parking garage below.

Adding to the trickiness of this map, you have to be careful with Killa since they can appear almost anywhere inside the mall. The only place you likely won’t find this raid boss is outside the mall. So if you’re still learning the extractions and looting hidden stashes, you probably won’t run into them.

The main reason Killa can be anywhere inside the mall is that they have several spawn points and tend to chase players far as well. This makes it easy for them to end up in random parts of the mall even far away from spawn points. With that said, another useful Interchange map I’ve included below shows spawns along the escalators in the center.

Escape from Tarkov - 3D Interchange Map

Click the 3D Interchange map to expand it. Map credit to Yundaz and Lorathor. If you need a larger resolution version, you can click here instead.

Even though I like to use the escalators as a landmark for knowing where I am, they can be risky if you run into Killa. Otherwise, you’ll want to learn the three main parts of the mall: IDEA, OLI, and Goshan. Each area typically has large banners and signs making it clear that you’re in them. Unless you’re in a separate part of the mall near smaller stores.

It’s worth mentioning that there are exits all over the Interchange mall so you usually have a way to escape. However, these exits aren’t often obvious so it’s important to recommend using the offline mode. While I do use SCAV runs to learn a new area, the offline mode is almost always superior.

Escape from Tarkov - Learning the Interchange Extractions

If you’re brave enough to risk teaming up with the opposite character type such as a SCAV or PMC, you can take the Scav Camp extract.

That’s all there is to this Interchange map guide for Escape from Tarkov. Even though the outside extractions can be easier to find, the mall is where things gets chaotic. While Interchange can be a good map for loot, you really need to understand it first. Especially if you’re not sure where to find a specific item. Regardless, remember to take advantage of our guide hub for more tips.