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10 Best Escape from Tarkov Beginner Tips and Tricks

Escape From Tarkov

Escape from Tarkov is a difficult survival game where it helps to have some knowledge before jumping in. If you’ve seen a livestream or only just started playing, read our tips and tricks below to get an advantage. It’s easy to make simple mistakes without knowing the basics as a beginner.

Updated on 7/6/2021

Table of Contents

Tip 1 – The Difference Between PMC and SCAV
Tip 2 – Take Advantage of Offline Mode
Tip 3 – Use Insurance to Keep Gear
Tip 4 – How to Extract in Escape from Tarkov
Tip 5 – Day Night Cycle in Tarkov
Tip 6 – How to Heal Injuries
Tip 7 – What Items to Keep
Tip 8 – Who to Sell to
Tip 9 – Examine Items to Save Time
Tip 10 – How Skill System Levels Work

Tip 1 – The Difference Between PMC and SCAV

Escape From Tarkov PMC SCAV

Prepare for your raid with the right mentality between PMC and SCAV.

There are two ways to play Escape from Tarkov (EFT) and one is riskier than the other. While you do need to pick USEC or BEAR when starting, this only decides your PMC appearance. Once you’re ready to play, you’ll need to choose PMC or SCAV.

PMC – This character goes in with whatever gear you equip from your stash. That also means if you die, you’ll lose that gear unless it’s insured. Further information about insurance is in Tip 3. Lastly, PMCs have access to a secure container that can’t be looted.

SCAV – SCAVs are given random gear that can’t be edited. When entering a raid, you join midway into the time limit after PMCs have spawned. AI-controlled SCAVs won’t attack you unless you attack a SCAV. Assuming you don’t have low karma from attacking SCAVs as a SCAV.

The idea behind SCAV runs is you’re given free gear to gather more or extract with. However, SCAVs have a cooldown timer after each run.

Tip 2 – Take Advantage of Offline Mode

Escape From Tarkov Offline Mode

The Offline Mode features difficulty options, amounts of AI, and more.

Offline Mode is a way to play solo without losing any gear. If you click the next button multiple times after choosing your PMC character, the Offline Mode will appear. It’s a good way to practice against AI SCAVs and learn a map you’re not familiar with. However, you don’t gain any experience or loot regardless of whether you extract or not.

The various options let you choose the amount of AI, their difficulty level, and other settings too. Two fun settings to turn on are SCAV War and Tagged and Cursed.

Tip 3 – Use Insurance to Keep Gear

Escape From Tarkov Insurance

Recover your gear back by insuring it so long as nobody loots your body on death.

If you’re worried about losing gear as a PMC, insurance is a great way to counteract that. Insurance from Prapor or the Therapist makes it so your lost gear will return to you if it’s not looted by a player. It’s not an immediate return, but it gives you a fighting chance.

If an AI SCAV kills you, you’re more likely to get your gear back since they don’t loot bodies. Also, some players drop insured gear in hidden areas to make room for other equipment. This is an efficient way to keep your gear while returning with even more.

  Time to Recover Cost
Prapor 26 to 36 real hours Cheap
Therapist 12 to 24 real hours Slightly More Expensive

SCAV players are on their own because they can’t insure their gear.

Tip 4 – How to Extract in Escape from Tarkov

Escape from Tarkov Extract

Keep alert while waiting seconds to extract, other people can still show up!

One of the most important tips for your first raid is understanding how to extract. This can be a frustrating ordeal if you don’t know the area and how certain extracts work.

Finding Your Extract Points

First, when you enter a raid, tapping “O” twice by default will show your extract points at the top right. Each extraction with question marks means it’s not a guaranteed extraction. Those with question marks may require money, a key, or simply a light being lit.

PMCs Have More Extract Points

Second, if you’re a PMC, you have access to more extract points than a SCAV player. It’s worth knowing that grouped players always have some extract points in common.

MIA Insurance if Time Runs Out

Escape from Tarkov uses a time limit for every raid where you lose your gear if you don’t extract. This leads to an MIA status where your gear is forfeited but returned if insured. This is known as MIA Insurance. Any loot gotten from the raid won’t be kept.

Tip 5 – Day Night Cycle in Tarkov

Escape From Tarkov Night

Knowing the day and night cycle in Escape from Tarkov is important for how you’re geared. If you go into a dark raid without night vision, you’re going to have a bad time. While daylight will vary at dawn and dusk, estimated hours for the day night cycle are below:

Daytime from 6:00 to 22:00

Night from 22:00 to 06:00

Tip 6 – How to Heal Injuries in EFT

Escape from Tarkov Healing

Heal your body parts for different injuries to prevent them from becoming worse.

When you open your inventory and visit the Health tab, as shown above, you can see every limb. If you’re hurt or have a broken limb, you’ll see it here. As a new player, it’s important to understand how healing each injury works. If a limb is red or slightly damaged, an AI-2 Medkit will heal that health bar up. However, other meds such as bandages are required for negative effects like Bloodloss.

If a limb is black as the above screenshot shows for my left arm, it’s considered destroyed. This means it can only be healed with a CMS Kit or Surv12 Field Surgical Kit. These are much rarer to find so they’re quite valuable. Another option is to use Painkillers to temporarily combat the effect of destroyed limbs.

Common meds for beginners that are often worth keeping in a secure container are below. Keep in mind, if it’s in your container, you won’t be able to hotkey it to your bar. This helps for pressing a number to heal quickly without needing to open your inventory. That’s why many Tarkov players always have their hotkey bar visible.

  • Aseptic Bandage
  • AI-2 Medkit
  • Immobilizing Splint

Another useful healing tip is that your PMC will heal over time in between raids. Otherwise, you’ll want to heal them back up before heading out. You don’t want to go into a game with low health, energy, and dehydration. Fortunately, you can take advantage of the Therapist for healing post-raid as well.

Tip 7 – What Items to Keep?

EFT What Items to Keep

Not every item is worth keeping depending on what you’re scavenging for.

Knowing what items to keep while scavenging is one of the tougher parts of Escape from Tarkov. The best way to learn this is by simply playing the game and checking the value of different items. More experienced players know how to take full advantage of the space they have with the value of the items they find.

As a beginner player, I recommend looking for items to build your Hideout or to sell for money. Tarkov updates have changed the market several times making it more difficult to get what you need. So players are more reliant on the traders when they’re first starting out. This is why I like to raid for gear I can use in the next round. Such as guns, body armor, backpacks, and more.

Tip 8 – Who to Sell to?

EFT Dealers

Understand who to sell to for the most money and benefits.

There are eight different dealers alongside the Flea Market with preferred items that they’ll buy. If you want to get the most money out of your items, be sure to sell to the right dealer. And once you hit level 5, you’ll realize that some items are more profitable on the Flea Market.

Certain dealers sell more items when upgraded through a loyalty system. This relies on completing tasks, leveling up, and buying/selling items to them. Depending on who you want to upgrade, this may affect your selling habits.

  Sell These Items to Them Notes
Prapor Ammo Buys most items, but rarely for the highest price.
Therapist Medicine, food, electronics, barter items  
Skier Weapon mods, backpacks, and clothing. Won’t buy all weapon mods.
Mechanic Gun frames, weapon mods, ammo Won’t buy all weapon mods.
Ragman Clothing Primarily for leveling, otherwise, sell to Skier.
Fence Only items that others won’t buy like knives. Buys at the lowest and sells at the highest.
Peacekeeper Guns USD currency only.
Jaeger N/a Locked until completing a quest.

Tip 9 – Examine Items to Save Time Later

EFT Unknown Item

Examining unknown items in advance is a great way to save your butt later on.

When you first start Escape from Tarkov, most items are hidden and show as an “Unknown Item”. These are identifiable by examining them in-game, in dealer inventories, and in the Flea Market. Each time you examine an item, it gives a small amount of experience and permanently identifies it. This saves a lot of time when you’re in a raid and aren’t sure what to loot.

Despite the unfair prices of the Fence, you can often find Unknown Items. Until the Flea Market unlocks, this is a nice way to get ahead.

Tip 10 – Skill System Advantages

Escape From Tarkov Skills

The skill system creates a play-to-win environment where people with the most time have advantages.

Escape from Tarkov skills passively provide major advantages depending on its level. Similar to early games in The Elder Scrolls franchise, you level your skills by using them. If you want to raise your Attention skill, loot more containers. If you want better recoil with a certain gun, use that type of gun.

Beginners should know that Offline Mode doesn’t provide any experience even though it acts as if it does. Here are a few examples of skills and their benefits below:

  • Attention – Increased looting speed and chance for better loot.
  • Health – Decreased chance of fractures. Decreases energy consumption and dehydration rate. Increased health regen outside raids.
  • Perception – Increases hearing distance, loot detection radius, and enhances aiming. Loot detection radius seems to deal with how easily the white dot cursor appears when looting items.

That’s all there is for our beginner guide on getting started in Escape from Tarkov. If you have any specific questions, feel free to comment below the article. Visit our guide hub for more useful tips and tricks.