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Escape from Tarkov – Learn the Lighthouse Map in 2024

Escape from Tarkov - Learn the Lighthouse Map

Learn all the different exits and extractions on the Lighthouse map in Escape from Tarkov. This guide explains the requirements for special extractions if you’re not sure why one isn’t working. I’ve also included some tips and tricks similar to other map guides to help you out.

Lighthouse is one of my favorite maps since you’ll almost always start near an extract. I’ve noticed this regardless of whether I’m a PMC or SCAV. This can make it easy to quickly gather loot or find a hidden stash and get out. But, if you don’t know where to be careful, you’re in for a bad time.

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Every Lighthouse Extract/Exit in Escape from Tarkov

Escape from Tarkov - Lighthouse Map Every Extract 2

Click the map to expand it and zoom in further. Lighthouse map credit to Jindouz.

Learning Lighthouse in Tarkov can be a bit easier than some maps since there isn’t a lot to it. You’re either next to a long highway with a couple of big houses or near a giant dangerous compound. With that said, you can use the ocean, small pools of water, and the lighthouse especially to learn where you are.

My favorite PMC extracts to take advantage of are Path to Shoreline and Southern Road. Chances are you’ll spawn near one of them making for an easy escape. While my favorite SCAV extracts are South Road Landslide, Hideout Under the Stage, and SCAV Hideout at the Grotto. Just don’t run into mines on the way to the Grotto.

SCAV-only exits are marked with an asterisk.

No Special Conditions

*Hideout Under the Landing Stage *Industrial Zone Gates *SCAV Hideout at the Grotto *Southern Road Landslide
Northern Checkpoint Southern Road Path to Shoreline  

Has Special Conditions

Mountain Pass Requires 1 Paracord, 1 Red Rebel Ice Pick, and no armor vest/torso armor. (Video)
Road to Military Base V-Ex Requires 5,000 Roubles per player extracting with a maximum of four players total. PMC players only and disappears after being used. (Video)
Armored Train Arrives between 10 to 16 minutes left in the raid. Sticks around for 7 minutes on arrival. Honks twice on arrival, honks once a minute before leaving, and honks twice on leaving. (Video)
Side Tunnel (Co-Op) Requires a player SCAV and PMC together to extract. (Video)

Dangerous Areas on Lighthouse in Escape from Tarkov

Escape from Tarkov - Dangerous Areas Minefields

Beware the Rogue faction especially if you’re playing as a BEAR PMC. This once USEC faction isn’t a fan of BEAR players.

The most dangerous area you can find yourself in regardless of whether you’re a PMC or SCAV is near the large compound. This is on the left side of the map where the Rogue faction patrols and protects. Aside from being extremely deadly, this area is also surrounded by random minefields.

Until you’re familiar with the Lighthouse map, try to avoid going there. Unless you don’t mind dying or are in the offline mode. If you don’t know how to play offline, check our 10 Best Escape from Tarkov Beginner Tips and Tricks. Also, if you try to visit the lighthouse, it’s surrounded by mines as well.

Raid Boss Locations on the Lighthouse Map

Escape from Tarkov - Lighthouse Raid Boss Locations Compound

Cross your fingers the raid boss is dead if you’re already inside the compound. Otherwise, you’ll quickly find yourself in danger.

Unlike other Escape from Tarkov maps where the raid bosses can spawn all over the place, you’ll mainly find them at the large compound. This is also known as the water treatment plant on the left side of the map. You’ll find the three Rogue bosses that spawn here, Big Pipe, Birdeye, and Knight.

If you enter that area be prepared for a fight since they’ll shoot on sight. However, you can run into them elsewhere such as the large house below the Mountain Pass extract. As long as you’re not in the water treatment area, they won’t fire immediately at USEC players and SCAVs.

Escape from Tarkov - Dock Pier on Lighthouse Map

The beach PMC spawns can be tough since you’re working your way inward toward other player spawns.

In my experience, Rogue soldiers will say something to warn you if you’re not a BEAR player. But, you don’t have a long window before they’ll start attacking you. So it’s important to turn and run unless you want to fight them. Otherwise, be careful around the lighthouse for other boss spawns. Such as Zryachiy and their Cultist guards.

That’s all there is to this quick rundown of the Lighthouse map in Escape from Tarkov. Make sure to check out some of the other useful guides we’ve put together below. Or if you’d prefer you can visit our guide hub for every guide we’ve written so far.