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Escape from Tarkov – How to Fix Malfunctions

Escape from Tarkov - How to Fix Malfunctions

The Escape from Tarkov developer added more to the weapon malfunction mechanics in patch 0.12.12 leading people to wonder, how to fix malfunctions? If you’re someone who loves to loot gear from SCAVs, you may find yourself running into more malfunctions and misfires. This is because durability plays a large role.

With that said, you also need to pay attention to your magazine size and the type of ammo as well. Larger magazines have a higher “failure to feed chance”. This is one of the malfunctions you may run into. While certain ammo types generate more heat than others which can also lead to problems.

How to Fix Malfunctions in Escape from Tarkov

Every Type of Weapon Malfunction

Escape from Tarkov - Failure to Eject Malfunction

Fixing a malfunction or misfire in Tarkov is extremely important since you can’t fire or reload once it happens.

The patch notes for 0.12.12 revealed three new problems players can run into. The developer also stated that malfunctions won’t occur in weapons with over 93% durability. However, you can still run into problems from overheating. Fortunately, the fix is the same regardless of the malfunction type as explained further down.

  • Misfire – The chance of a misfire is related to weapon durability and ammo type. You can inspect each ammo type to see the chance.
  • Failure to Eject – This is mostly impacted by the weapon’s durability, but overheating and magazines can play a role too.
  • Failure to Feed – The primary source of this problem is related to the weapon magazine. Higher capacity magazines are more likely to fail to feed. Durability and overheating can cause this as well.
  • Jammed Bolt – There are two types of jammed bolts in Tarkov, normal and hard. These typically occur from low durability and overheating. Hard jamming only happens when the weapon is at or below 5% durability. And as such, will take longer to fix.

Gameplay Showing Tarkov Weapon Malfunctions

If you can’t see the video below, you can click here to see it instead. The gameplay just shows some of the malfunctions and what happens as you fix them.

How to Fix Every Malfunction Fast in Tarkov

Escape from Tarkov - Bolt Jammed Malfunction

Setting these two keybinds to the same button in your Tarkov options will make them much easier to remember and use.

Regardless of the type of malfunction or misfire you encounter, you can fix them relatively easily. The main issue is knowing what your keybinds are since there are a ton on in Escape from Tarkov to memorize.

You’ll need to check your Settings and head over to the Controls tab. Search for Check Chamber/Fix Malfunction and Inspect Current Weapon. I recommend making both keys to the same keybind, but setting Inspect Current Weapon‘s press type to release.

Escape from Tarkov - Fix Malfunction Keys & Buttons

The best time to tweak your settings is outside of a raid but if you can find a safe spot to fix your weapon, that can work as well.

This is because you’ll need to inspect your weapon to figure out what the malfunction is. After doing so, you can press the keybind to check the chamber and fix it. By having both actions set to the same key, you only need to press that key twice to fix the problem.

Fair warning, if you’re pushing your weapon and overheating it, you’ll likely keep running into problems. Such as the bolt jamming frequently. You’ll need to give it some time to cool off or look into different parts to let it cool more efficiently.

Escape from Tarkov - Overheating Barrel Misfire

Certain weapons will show signs of overheating differently but you can see the barrel turning red on this one. The area around the weapon is also a little hazy due to the heat coming off of it.

According to Battlestate Games, if you’ve managed to reach the Elite level of the Troubleshooting skill, you won’t need to inspect your weapon. You can immediately fix the problem instead with the Check Chamber/Fix Malfunction button.

Another quick useful tip to know is that the bottom right corner will flash red when your weapon malfunctions. After fixing the problem, it’ll flash yellow instead. Each flash will also come alongside a sound notification. But, you can disable these in the settings as well.

Escape from Tarkov - Red Flash Notification Malfunction

If you try to reload or use your weapon during a malfunction a tooltip can appear at the bottom right corner. This will tell you to inspect your weapon and what key to press.

That’s all there is to our Escape from Tarkov guide on how to fix malfunctions fast. The last thing you want to do is run into an enemy and have your weapon jam right when you need it. So make sure you’re always prepared in case it happens to you!