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New World – What to Do With Old Gear

New World - What to Do With Old Gear Guide

One of the frustrating parts for some people playing the MMORPG New World is figuring out what to do with old gear. Nobody wants to haul around a bunch of junk or store it when there isn’t much use for it. It’s not like you can sell it to an NPC for some money either. Continue reading below for your limited options.

What to Do With Old Gear in New World

New World - Market Trading Screenshot

The in-game market is a great way to make money fast as long as your gear isn’t bound to you.

Due to the way Amazon Game Studios developed this MMORPG, you can only do so much with old gear. As goes with many MMORPGs, items are often bound to your character meaning you can’t trade or sell them once they are. For example, an item may be labeled, “Bind on Equip” or “Bind on Pickup” locking it to you.

This is why it’s important to double-check for the green text near the bottom of an item description. If it’s already bound to your character, it’ll say, “Bound to Player”. At which point, you can no longer give it to a friend or trade it at the in-game market. These can be found in settlements as explained in our guide on Where to Sell Items.

New World - Market Complete Orders

Start earning money at New World’s Trading Post so you can get new gear to push tougher content.

Make sure you don’t immediately bind something to your character that you don’t plan on wearing. Especially if the item’s gear score is much lower than what you currently have equipped. This is a good opportunity to offload items on the market for even a cheap amount of gold.

Unfortunately, this means your only option now is to salvage your old gear for money and Repair Parts. As mentioned in our guide on How to Repair Items, you’ll need Repair Parts to keep your durability up. Aside from your weapon durability decreasing over time with use, the death penalty can be heavy on your durability too.

How to Salvage Items in New World

New World - How to Salvage Items

Salvage old gear that you no longer need to make way for better items.

If you’re not quite sure how to salvage items, don’t worry, it’s relatively simple. First, make sure the item you want to get rid of permanently isn’t equipped or locked. The locking feature is a way to prevent accidentally salvaging an item. You can do this by left-clicking an item while holding the L button.

Otherwise, similarly, you can left-click an item while holding the S button to salvage it. A prompt will then appear asking if you’re sure you want to do this requiring confirmation. Also, this window shows how much gold you’ll get and the number of Repair Parts as well. While this isn’t a great way to get money, you can’t do anything with bound gear anyway.

New World - Repair All Screenshot

Don’t forget to repair your gear if you find yourself going down a lot.

That’s all there is to our New World guide on what to do with old gear. If you have any other questions for me, feel free to ask in the comments below. I’d love to help you out further if I can. Be sure to visit some of the guides listed below for more common questions in the community.