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New World – How to Level Fast

New World - How to Level Quick Guide

Leveling quickly in the MMORPG New World isn’t too tough if you know what to do. That’s why I’ve put together this guide filled with tips and tricks on how to level fast. There are a number of methods to take advantage of, with some being better than others. Continue reading below for the tips.

How to Level Fast in New World

Complete Easy Town Projects

This is one of the most popular ways to level quickly in New World that streamers have also taken advantage of. Every settlement has Town Projects that you can complete for rewards. This usually includes a tiny amount of gold, a good chunk of experience, and a large amount of region standing too.

New World - Town Project Missions

Look for missions that you’re confident you can complete quickly. You can also hover over each one to check its rewards.

The main reason this is a popular method is because they often have simple objectives like deliver 100 Water. Depending on your town, there may even be a river inside it that you can run over to. While other Town Projects may require basic resources that you can buy at the Trading Post. This is essentially a way to convert gold into experience.

Make sure to take advantage of stockpiling basic resources in settlement storage for when you need them. Town Projects commonly ask for Water, Green Wood, Rawhides, Stone Blocks, and potions. A useful tip is that storage is shared between faction-owned regions.

Complete Main and Side Missions

Similar to Town Projects, you’ll want to prioritize completing missions for the main questline and side ones too. While they won’t all give a ton of experience, many tend to give a few thousand making it worthwhile. Also, by progressing the main questline, you’ll unlock new content like expeditions and corrupt breaches.

These provide new opportunities for fun content that can also be rewarding. For those familiar with MMORPGs, New World expeditions are essentially 3-5 person dungeons that give decent gear. That aside, be prepared for a lot of running between missions. The auto-run button is “=” by default.

Farm Corrupted Breaches/Portals For Experience

You won’t be able to take part in this content immediately, but once you get some levels this can be a great way to level fast. Take a look at the Aeternum map where you’ll find red dots in each territory representing corrupted portals. These are mini dynamic events where The Corrupted is invading a region.

There are two different versions of each portal with one recommending a group of five and the other solo. However, you may find huge groups of players in populated servers clearly them together by running from one to the next consecutively. Smaller portals can give 400-700 experience while large ones are 2,000-3,000. This easily makes this one of the best leveling methods in New World around level 30-40.

Participate in Player vs Player Action

New World - PvP Leveling Screenshot

Players in factions often will attack or defend forts leading to massive PvP battles. This can be a good opportunity for experience and weapon mastery.

If you don’t mind toggling PvP on, there are significant benefits to it. You’ll immediately get a 5% experience boost that passively helps you level quicker. But, that’s not the main way to take advantage of Player vs Player action for leveling.

Depending on how long a flagged player has been alive, you’ll get a certain amount of experience for killing them. This also applies to how much weapon mastery you get for taking them out. If they haven’t been alive long enough, you won’t get any.

You’ll get anywhere from a few hundred experience to several hundred, potentially reaching a thousand. Also, you’ll gain weapon mastery and even some faction tokens too. This is easily the best way to level a weapon in New World, while also getting faction tokens. You’ll quickly notice faction gear is a fast way to increase your gear score.

It’s possible there may be a damage threshold required for rewards in PvP. I haven’t been able to confirm this as it may just be the timer instead. But, I’ve noticed while participating in large-scale PvP that I frequently didn’t get anything from killing players.

Take Advantage of Daily Faction Bonuses

New World - Faction Bonus Missions

Faction missions are primarily a good source of tokens for better weapons and armor in New World.

This leveling method I’ve heard about around the New World community, but haven’t paid enough attention to yet. Once you’ve joined a faction, you can complete missions for them that have small experience rewards. However, you’ll get an extra chunk of experience for the first three missions you complete daily.

You can see the three daily bonuses available at the top center of the screenshot above. Once again, I’ve heard this bonus gives a lot of experience, but I haven’t confirmed it. If you have an idea of how well it works, feel free to comment below the guide.

Quick New World Leveling Tips and Tricks

Now that I’ve gotten the main ways to level quickly out of the way, here are some tips and tricks to be more efficient. Even if you follow every trick mentioned above, you’ll still need these to amplify them.

Fast traveling is great for getting around quickly so you don’t have to walk for an eternity. Keep in mind, this requires the Azoth currency that you get from quests and more. However, you can also fast travel to an inn or your house for free. But, you have to be checked in at that inn.

Increase your region standing so you can unlock experience buffs. These will only apply while you’re in the region you picked it for. But, it’s another easy way to speed up your leveling. Plus, Town Projects provide a nice chunk of standing too.

New World - Amrine Excavation Expedition

Expeditions like the Amrine Excavation are a nice change of pace revolving around group PvE content.

Complete content in faction-owned territory for passive buffs. You can easily see if a region is owned by your faction by checking the map and color of a region. For example, if a territory is green, the Marauders currently own it. Each region has certain unique buffs and you’ll benefit from doing content there.

Some sort of rested XP mechanic exists in New World. Typically, MMORPGs have a mechanic where you’ll get rested XP while logged out in a town or safe area. This then provides an extra amount of experience for a certain portion. However, I’ve only gotten it while in the wild and in other cases not gotten it while in a settlement.

Life Skilling provides some experience. While I wouldn’t rely on gathering and crafting for experience, it can definitely add up. Also, certain creatures seem to give an absurd amount of experience from skinning that will likely be tweaked later.

Comment below the guide with your own tips and tricks on how to level fast in New World. I’d love to hear any useful methods you come across. And it’s a great way to help others too.