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Enlisted – Best Squads to Use (2024)

Enlisted - Best Squads Screenshot

Enlisted is a free to play WW2 game where certain squads are definitely better than others. While you can take out most enemies in one shot, you’ll score higher with certain squads. That’s why we’ve put together a list of the best squads to use below. While also explaining why they’re the best and how to use them to your advantage. Continue reading below for our Enlisted guide.

Best Enlisted Squads to Use

Before getting into the best Enlisted squads, it’s important to mention a few things. First, while every squad revolves around a specific class/role, you can swap in other classes too. For example, you can use squad points to unlock an engineer slot for a recon squad. Even though that recon squad is built for snipers, you’ll still benefit from an engineer slot.

This is a great way to create stronger squads without needing only one class specifically. That’s why we’re going to talk more about which class squads are best, rather than specifically the 930th Infantry Regiment or 1st Tank Battalion. We don’t want to make you crazy searching through campaign levels for a name.

1 – Engineers For Rally Points and Ammo

Enlisted - Best Squad Engineer Screenshot

Engineers are one of the most powerful classes in Enlisted because of how much they can carry a team. The main area they suffer from is not gaining points from their utility. Putting that aside, engineers are important because they can create rally points that the entire team can spawn on. This is especially huge when you’re playing the assault mode where the objective keeps moving. Regardless of whether you’re defending or attacking, a close spawn to the capture point is an easy victory.

Also, engineers can build ammo boxes that are essentially the main source of ammo for an entire team. A good player will keep your team near the frontline with ammo to keep going. Overall, engineers are important for playing the objective, but you don’t need a squad full of them. You can get away with one or two thrown into any other squad. The only negative is not having access to anti-air or anti-tank placements.

2 – Tanks For Fast Leveling

Enlisted - Tank Squad Screenshot

Tanks are extremely powerful for wiping out enemy teams, but they can be destroyed easily. Due to how assists work with tank squads, they’re easily the best squad for leveling in Enlisted. But the reality is, all it takes is one soldier with a well-placed pack of dynamite to destroy you.

Or one of many other roles such as a Radio Operator, a Bomber, a bomber plane, etc. The opportunities for destroying a tank are countless and can quickly ruin your run. However, if nobody does, you’ll end up with the highest score and plenty of battle hero awards.

Aside from wracking up crazy points on the scoreboard, you can prevent enemies from pushing up. There’s nothing more satisfying than defending a road that enemies keep crossing for some reason. You can get away with using both the machine gun and main cannon for maximum damage. Plus, you can also keep enemy tanks at bay if you know how to destroy them.

3 – Gunners For Wiping Out Squads

Enlisted - Best Squad Gunner Tip

Gunner squads are great right alongside Assault squads because of how quickly they can decimate infantry. As long as you lean against a window or car, you can almost completely get rid of all recoil. This makes it easy to set up somewhere and destroy multiple squads at once. Just make sure you have an engineer in your squad or ammo box nearby. You’re bound to run out of ammo quickly, especially with the Madsen.

The Gunner squad definitely works better for defending a position, compared to the Assault for moving up. Which kind of makes sense when you think about it. Assault squads benefit more from submachine guns that handle recoil decently. You can get away with clearing buildings and trenches quickly.

Honorable Mentions Worth Using

Enlisted - Attack Pilot Planes Squad Screenshot

The three Enlisted squads mentioned above are from my personal experience and that doesn’t mean other squads aren’t great too. Depending on your skill, you may be better off with a different squad or class. For example, bomber planes are great for destroying large groups of enemies if you know what you’re doing. But it’s not for everyone. With that said, I wanted to list a few squads that are still worth using in your lineup.

  • Attack Planes – As just mentioned, bomber planes are great for destroying tanks and entire teams if you can fly well. However, you’ll need someone on the ground marking where to hit in most cases.
  • Assault Squads – We briefly pointed out why this class is great in the Gunner section. While not all submachine guns are great, you can get work done with the PPD especially.
  • Radio Operators – This class is fun to use with the Frequent Artillery squad upgrade so you can use artillery every 30 seconds. While you won’t get many kills doing it, you can prevent an enemy team from pushing.
  • Snipers – While I don’t want to mention every single class, snipers are great for counter-sniping. A good enemy sniper will prevent you from moving up. So it pays to have someone fighting back. A sniper scope is also great for marking targets.

Be sure to let us know in the comments below the article what squad or class you think is best in Enlisted. We’d love to hear your feedback and let others know more useful tips and tricks for doing well in Enlisted. If you’d like to see more guides, you can visit our guide hub. Or take a look at some of the guides we’ve listed below.