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Enlisted – How to Destroy Tanks

Enlisted - How to Destroy Tanks Screenshot

Tanks can be a nuisance in Enlisted, the free to play WW2 game if you don’t know how to deal with them. That’s why we’ve put together this complete guide explaining every method on how to destroy tanks. Regardless of how much you’ve played Enlisted, there’s always a way to destroy them with ease. Continue reading our guide below to find out how.

How to Destroy Tanks in Enlisted

Throwing Explosive Packs at a Tank

Enlisted - Explosive Packs Tanks Screenshot

The Battle of Berlin has many buildings perfect for setting up an ambush.

The first method you’ll have available if you’re new to Enlisted is using Explosive Packs. This is a bundle of dynamite that you can throw at tanks to deal some damage. While it isn’t a guaranteed kill in one hit, you can definitely ruin their day. So long as your Explosive Pack lands on a tank, you can destroy their tracks, cannon, and even take out crewmen inside.

A neat trick for throwing Explosive Packs is that you can cook them. For those unfamiliar with the term, this means holding it longer before throwing it to make it explode sooner. If you’ve ever thrown a grenade or Explosive Pack and noticed it doesn’t blow up immediately, that’s because of the fuse. This makes a significant difference against tanks because they can see a grenade warning if it’s within sight.

Next time you try this, click or pull your trigger to throw the grenade, and don’t let go until it does on its own. In many cases, it’ll explode on contact so long as you’re not too far away. Just be careful to not blow yourself up if you’re too close to the tank.

Shooting the Right Spot With a Tank

Enlisted - How to Destroy Tanks Tip

Be sure to watch the color of your crosshair when fighting other tanks.

As silly as it is to say, tanks are one of the best tank destroyers in Enlisted for sure. This is one of my favorite parts of driving a tank. There’s one simple trick that the tutorial doesn’t mention that’s perfect for destroying tanks. When you aim your cannon at another tank, the crosshair will turn red or green. You want to shoot when it’s green because that means your shot will penetrate the enemy tank. If it’s red, you’re probably not going to deal any damage.

As explained in our guide on how to change tank ammo, the ammo type is important too. You should only use HE/high explosive ammo when attacking infantry. And on opposite side, only use AP/armor-piercing rounds against tanks. You can see an example of the green crosshair in the screenshot above.

Building Anti-Tank Gun Placements

Enlisted - Squad Upgrade AT Gun

Unlock the AT stationary gun squad upgrade for your engineer battalion to start destroying tanks.

Engineer squads in Enlisted can unlock a squad upgrade that provides access to anti-tank guns. Until you unlock this upgrade, you won’t be able to build them. However, they’re a popular choice for destroying tanks because of how strong they are. The only issue is that it’s easy for a tank to take one look at you and blow it up too. Or for a sniper to get an easy shot on you since you can’t move much. It’s important to mention that you can only build AT guns in engineer squads.

Another fun strategy on how to destroy tanks in Enlisted is to use anti-air guns. This is a good last-ditch effort since they fire quickly and can aim at the ground. So you can try your luck, but it won’t necessarily have enough ammo to take a tank out. One good thing to make note of is that everyone can use an AT or AA gun. You don’t need to be an engineer or part of the squad that made it.

Using the PTRD-41 Anti-Tank Rifle

Enlisted - Bomber PTRD-41

This anti-tank rifle is surprisingly a real weapon that was even used with a scope too.

Aside from using tanks to destroy tanks, the PTRD-41 anti-tank rifle is another favorite of mine. This takes a little more playtime, especially if you’re on the Battle of Moscow campaign. You won’t have access to this secondary rifle until the first Bomber squad at campaign level 9.

For more information on every Enlisted role/class, we have a guide available here. I love using the PTRD-41 rifle because it can deal some serious damage to tanks without needing to use grenades. It’s a great option for someone that doesn’t have a vehicle as well.

All you need to do is line up a tank shot using the iron-sights without being too far. Don’t be surprised if you start taking out crewmen inside with each shot. You’re more likely to kill them than destroy the tank first.

Using Rocket Launchers as a Bomber Role

Enlisted - Bomber Rocket Launcher

Rocket launchers are another fun way to destroy tanks in Enlisted if you can get one on a Bomber role.

While not every Enlisted campaign has access to explosive Bomber guns, rocket launchers are another method. The Battle of Berlin campaign has a Bomber squad equipped with a Panzerfaust 100 rocket launcher. You’re not guaranteed to get a kill with it, but you can deal some damage depending on where you hit.

Fortunately, you’ll have more than one rocket to shoot as well. Also, the Panzerfaust 100 has a zeroing mechanic for shooting farther distances more easily. This can be difficult to use without knowing how far a certain number of meters actually is, however.

Destroying Tanks With Planes in Enlisted

Enlisted - Plane Destroy Tanks Tip

Planes are one of the most difficult parts of playing Enlisted, but extremely rewarding if you become an expert.

This is likely the least common method Enlisted players will use. However, we still want to mention it for those of you that love flying. And if you want to learn how to fly in Enlisted, we have a guide here for that too.

Regardless, attack and fighter planes are equally strong against destroying tanks if you’re good enough using them. The main issue you’ll run into is relying on other players to mark tanks. Otherwise, the only way to find tanks is to look for the flash from cannon fire.

With that said, you can destroy tanks using plane machine guns, rockets, and bombs too. While heavier-weight bombs will deal more damage, accuracy matters most. That’s a big part of why this method is likely the least common.

One other method regarding how to destroy tanks in Enlisted is using the Mortarmen role. I haven’t unlocked them personally, so I can’t speak on how well mortars work against tanks. If you have some experience with the role, feel free to comment below the article and let others know too. Otherwise, that’s all there is to this guide on how to destroy tanks.

If you’d like to see more Enlisted guides, visit our guide hub here. We’ve also listed a few guides below filled with useful tips and tricks that may teach you something new.


Monday 22nd of November 2021


Jeffrey Lerman

Monday 22nd of November 2021

Honestly, the anti-tank rifle has to be my favorite weapon to use against tanks. You can get solid hits in without being in danger. And it's fun to poke enemies with!