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Enlisted – How to Get More Ammo

Enlisted Game Guide How to Get Ammo

Enlisted is a free to play WW2 first-person shooter where ammo is limited. It’s important to understand how to get more ammo for when you’re on a roll surviving. Nobody wants to run out and have to start running around with only a knife. Unless you’re looking for a quick respawn! Continue reading our guide for a quick answer on how it works.

How to Get More Ammo in Enlisted

Refilling Ammo at Ammunition Boxes

Enlisted How to Get Ammo

Getting ammo in Enlisted isn’t all that complicated if you know how. Unfortunately, for whatever reason, the game doesn’t seem to explain it. But that’s why we’re here to help you out. There are a few methods with the main one revolving around ammunition boxes. This is what’s shown in the screenshot above where you can refill your ammo instantly.

The trick with ammunition boxes is that they don’t exist until an Engineer places them. If you’re new to Enlisted, you won’t have access to the Engineer role immediately. Once you reach campaign level 3, you’ll unlock an Engineer squad. This role has access to a Construction Hammer tool used for fortifications.

For example, sandbags and you guessed it, ammunition boxes. These don’t seem to run out of ammo, but we haven’t confirmed it. You mainly have to worry about enemies destroying them. If you’re not playing as an Engineer, you can still look for ammunition box icons on the minimap.

Grabbing Weapons Off the Floor

Enlisted Picking Up Weapons Screenshot

The second method on how to get more ammo in Enlisted revolves around picking up weapons. So long as the body is still there, you can do this for both enemies and allies. I recommend doing it often with enemy weapons as their ammo is split from your gun. Whereas if you have two similar guns, your ammo may be shared between them. While it’s nice having a second weapon ready to swap to, you won’t have more to shoot.

The main issue with picking up weapons off the floor is that this mechanic is finicky. It’s likely that the developer will continue to make this easier. However, right now you often have to run around a body haphazardly to get the button prompt to appear. And if you’re doing it out in the open during a battle, you might just get killed. This is why you’re sometimes better off looting an ally. Just make sure you don’t get killed the same way they did.

Calling Your Squad Members For Ammo

Enlisted - Squad Ammo Command

While I haven’t tested this method, you can call your squad members over for ammo. Using the radial menu on ALT by default for PC players or D-Pad up for console, you can call for ammo. I’ll have to test this further to see how it works. It’s possible so long as a soldier from your squad is alive, they’ll run over and give you ammo. But for all we know, it’s also possible they may need certain equipment to do so.

Be sure to visit our other Enlisted guide filled with tips and tricks here. It goes further in detail on how the Engineer role works as well as other useful tips too. Otherwise, if you have any other Enlisted questions, feel free to comment below the article for help. It doesn’t need to be about how to get more ammo either.

For those looking to downloaded Enlisted on PC, you can do so on the main site here.

Jurk Mihoff

Friday 19th of May 2023

Thank you for this very helpful did not realize you can pickup weapons from the ground. Appreciate you jeffery.