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The Walking Dead: Survivors – How to Get Bread

The Walking Dead Survivors Guide

The Walking Dead: Survivors is a mobile game where one of the energy mechanics that holds you back is called Bread. Or more specifically the item used for getting it is known as a Loaf of Bread. If you plan on fighting Walkers, participating in rallies, and/or attacking players, you’ll need a lot of Bread to do it. This guide mobile game guide is dedicated to helping you understand how to get Bread. Continue reading below to learn.

Bread Recovery Times
Survivor Course Event Rewards
Strongest Survivor Event Rewards
Ultimate Supply Event Rewards
Buying Bread Packs

How to Get Bread in The Walking Dead: Survivors

Bread/Stamina Recovery Times

The Walking Dead Survivors Bread Recovery Time 3

Before we get into how you can get Loaf of Bread items, let’s explain how recovery times work. Every formation in your settlement has stamina represented by the Bread icon. You can recover 1 every 8 minutes, up to a maximum of 100. And you can reduce that eight-minute timer by researching Patch Up under the March Queue section. Keep in mind, this will only reduce the timer for each squad you research it for.

Therefore, you’ll need to research Patch Up for every formation if you want each one to recover quicker. Each level of Patch Up is listed below with how quickly it speeds up stamina recovery times:

  • Level 1 – +6% (7.52s to recover)
  • Level 2 – +12% (7.04s to recover)
  • Level 3 – +18% (6.56s to recover)
  • Level 4 – +25% (6s to recover)
  • Level 5 –  +35% (5.2s to recover)

Getting Bread From the Survivor Course Event

The Walking Dead Survivors Survival Course Bread

The Survivor Course is a great source of Bread, especially in the first week of a server. On day four, you can get a total of 150 Bread items for converting to any formation. And on day five, you can get another 150 Bread to use whenever you want. That flexibility helps when you’re using stamina back to back. Each Survivor Course event day in The Walking Dead: Survivors is listed below alongside rewards.

Day 4 – Resource Acquisition Section

  • Find 50,000 resources by defeating Walkers – 5 Bread
  • Find 200,000 resources by defeating Walkers – 20 Bread
  • Find 500,000 resources by defeating Walkers – 50 Bread
  • Find 50 items by defeating Walkers – 5 Bread
  • Find 200 items by defeating Walkers – 20 Bread
  • Find 400 items by defeating Walkers – 50 Bread

Day 5 – Clan Co-Op Section

  • Defeat 1 Woodbury Army – 5 Bread
  • Defeat 5 Woodbury Army – 20 Bread
  • Defeat 10 Woodbury Army – 50 Bread
  • Upgrade Bar to Level 3 – 5 Bread
  • Upgrade Bar to Level 5 – 20 Bread
  • Upgrade Bar to level 7 – 50 Bread

Getting Bread From the Strongest Survivor Event

The Walking Dead Survivors Strongest Survivor Bread

The Strongest Survivor event is another one where you can earn Bread loaves so long as you can complete certain goals. The first stage of the Strongest Survivor event revolves around training fighters for points within 24 hours. You’ll need to reach the third milestone of three total to get 50 Bread.

In order to get the 560,000 points required, you’ll get more points for training higher-tier fighters. And partial amounts for only promoting fighters instead. It’s possible other stages of the event may give Bread, but we can’t confirm it at this time.

Getting Bread From the Ultimate Supply Event

The Walking Dead Survivors Ultimate Supply Bread 2

The Ultimate Supply Event requires spending money, as does the next method too. If you spend $4.99 on Day 2 of the Ultimate Supply, you can purchase 60 Bread alongside other rewards too. And if you purchase all 5 days for $4.99 each, totaling $24.95, you can pick an Ultimate Supply reward. There are four choices with one being 200 Bread, but this requires buying all five days. Therefore, you can get a total of 260 Bread for this The Walking Dead: Survivors event.

Buying the Bread Pack With Real Money

The Walking Dead Survivors Bread Pack 3

The final method of getting Bread/stamina in The Walking Dead: Survivors is outright buying it with real money. In the Survivor Store, under the Gift Bag section, way at the bottom, you can purchase the Bread Pack. You can debate whether it’s worth it or not as you’ll only get 10 Loaves of Bread.

There are other resources included in the pack as well. However, you’re not getting much Bread if that’s your goal. Unlike other bundles in The Walking Dead: Survivors, there doesn’t seem to be a limit on this pack. You can purchase it for $0.99.

If you found this guide useful, be sure to take a look at our other guides on The Walking Dead: Survivors. We’ve listed a few below primarily for those new to the game. And if you have any questions on how something works or if you’re struggling, feel free to ask for help in the comments.


Sunday 25th of July 2021

Does the resource acquisition by defeating walkers and getting bread still applies with the new June update?