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Enlisted – How to Get Pistols

Enlisted - How to Get Pistols Guide

When you first start playing the free to play WW2 game Enlisted, you won’t have pistols available. This revolves around the free to play model’s way of making you grind to unlock new equipment. Each squad is limited to certain items like one weapon, a knife, one grenade, and one inventory item. Such as a Medkit, for example. Until you make some progress in Enlisted, you won’t have pistols quite yet. Continue reading our guide on how to get pistols below.

How to Get Pistols in Enlisted

Unlocking a Sidearm Slot

Enlisted - Sidearm Slot Unlock Screenshot

There are two main requirements you’ll need to meet before you can get a pistol in Enlisted. First, you’ll need to level up your squad a few times to get some squad points. These are used under the Upgrades tab for three different skill trees. There are Squad Upgrades, Personnel Upgrades, and Workshop Upgrades. For the purpose of this guide, we’re focusing on Personnel Upgrades only. However, if you’d like more information on Enlisted’s upgrade system, our tips and tricks guide here covers that and more.

If you continue doing well with a certain squad, you’ll gain more experience toward leveling them up. And then you can dedicate some points in the Personnel Upgrades tree for the Sidearm Slot Unlock. The position of this unlock varies for each squad, but it always looks like a pistol icon. Once you’ve unlocked the sidearm slot, all you need to do next is get a pistol. Unfortunately, you can’t outright buy one from the Logistics section as you do with other weapons. Head to the next section for steps on how to buy pistols in Enlisted.

How to Buy Pistols in Enlisted

Enlisted - How to Get Pistols Walther PP

  1. Pick the campaign and then faction/side you’d like to buy the pistol for. Such as Invasion of Normany and Allies.
  2. Head to the Logistics section from the lobby.
  3. Click/tap the Weapons Delivery section where you can purchase weapons.
  4. Due to the free to play nature of Enlisted, you’ll need to get lucky via a rare drop from the Random Weapons Delivery option. This costs one bronze weapon order or 20 Enlisted Gold.
  5. If you haven’t met the campaign level requirement for a pistol yet, it may not appear as a drop under the Random Weapons Delivery choice. The first pistol for each side seems to be at campaign level 4. The Allies have the Nagant 1895. While the Axis have the Walther PP.

One of the only squads that start with a pistol in Enlisted is a tank battalion. This is because they don’t have a primary weapon by default. However, unlike other squads where you need to unlock a weapon slot, you can immediately equip one. This can be worth doing if you have extra weapons around. Plus, sometimes you’ll need to hop out of a tank if you’re about to blow up. Or if you’re simply trying to make some repairs in a dangerous area. It doesn’t hurt if the AI members in your squad are better equipped too. A useful trick is that you can unequip pistols in tank squads and then equip them on other soldiers.

If we learn about any better methods for getting a pistol in Enlisted, we’ll update this article with the information. And if you know a better way, be sure to let others know in the comments.

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