The Walking Dead: Survivors – How to Assign Jobs

The Walking Dead Survivors Guide

The Walking Dead: Survivors is a mobile strategy game for iOS and Android where you’ll need to survive against Walkers. While dealing with hordes of zombies and players too, you may be wondering how to assign jobs. By making sure each of your survivors is assigned to a job, they’ll help your settlement thrive. Depending on what job you assign, this can lead to gathering extra resources or quicker unit training times. Continue reading our guide below for both methods.

How to Assign Jobs in The Walking Dead: Survivors

Assigning Survivors to Buildings

The Walking Dead Survivors Assign Jobs Guide

There are two different ways to assign people jobs in The Walking Dead: Survivors. This is the first method that you’re likely here for, but I want to make sure you know both ways. First, you can assign survivors to buildings to amplify their purpose. For example, assigning someone to a Gun Shop will make it produce more bullets. Whereas with training facilities like a Stable, you can speed up times and increase recruit amounts.

The trick to assigning people to these buildings is unfortunately that most of them require being level 12. However, our first example for the Gun Shop is a much lower level that I can’t confirm. This will likely be the first building you assign a survivor to. You can do so by tapping the Gun Shop and then tapping an empty square that appears above the Gun Shop name. This opens a window where you can pick a survivor.

If you’re wondering how to assign a survivor to a Farm, Lumber Yard, or Well inside your town, you unfortunately can’t. This isn’t a feature in the game right now and may never be. It seems the buff mentioned on survivor pages toward those buildings is meant for scavenger sites explained in the next section below.

The Walking Dead Survivors Assigning Survivors

Another way to check what level is required for assigning survivors to certain buildings is using the side menu. When you’re inside your settlement, the side menu has several useful buttons for checking activities. For example, how many buildings are being constructed, research, training facilities, explorers, etc. Tapping the training facility tab will show a menu with each level required to assign a survivor. This is along the left side of the menu where it should show a level 12 requirement for each facility (Fire Station, Police Station, Stable). Continue reading below for the second method on how to assign jobs in The Walking Dead: Survivors.

Assigning Survivors to Scavenge Sites

The Walking Dead Survivors Scavenger Sites

The second method is building a Scavenge Center so you can assign survivors to gather resources. Areas on the map like Veggie Farms and Lumber Mills are a great way to bring in extra resources. You can send a formation to gather from them or assign a survivor for steady supplies. While you’ll get more food from a Veggie Farm by sending a large formation, the flow from one survivor is consistent. This is a great way to keep your survivors busy, especially early on.

Make sure to upgrade your Scavenge Center a few times so you can get send more people out. Regardless of your chances of getting new survivors, you’re going to end up with plenty of idle ones. Between Scavenge Sites and buildings, you can take full advantage.

That’s all for our guide on how to assign jobs in The Walking Dead: Survivors. If you have any questions regarding this mobile game, feel free to ask in the comments below the article. We’ll try to get back to you and help out if we can. Otherwise, be sure to visit our other guides on The Walking Dead: Survivors below.

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