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The Walking Dead: Survivors Mobile Game Guide

The Walking Dead Survivors Guide

The Walking Dead: Survivors is a free mobile strategy game. It follows a similar model as many free to play mobile and browser games do. Where your progress often hinders on waiting for buildings to complete or units to attack. For a general guide on how this mobile game works, I’ve thrown this together if you’re new or thinking about trying it. We’ll discuss getting started, microtransactions, and other useful beginner tips.

Getting Started in The Walking Dead: Survivors
Clan Advice
Is The Walking Dead: Survivors Pay to Win?
Take Advantage of Settlement Sieges
Benefits of Hunting Walkers

Getting Started in The Walking Dead: Survivors Game

You won’t have access to everything when you first start playing since you’ll be in the tutorial phase. Follow all the useful on-screen instructions that tell you what to do. Whether it’s repairing your Town Hall or dealing with an incoming horde of zombies. Once you get past the tutorial, you’ll still want to follow the tasks near the bottom left corner.

These have all sorts of rewards on completion such as resources and even gems too. Gems are the premium currency that costs money. And around this time, the game pushes you toward joining a clan. Check out the next section for why you should immediately.

Join a Clan Once You Can

The Walking Dead Survivors - Clan Tips

Active clans are an extremely powerful advantage in The Walking Dead: Survivors. Aside from having a community to talk to, you’ll benefit from significantly reduced build times. This also impacts research and unit healing times too. On top of this benefit, you can also rally/group together against unique enemies. For example, these enemies include the Woodbury Army or The Abandoned where you’ll get extra loot. Even if you don’t join your clan in these battles, you’ll still get some items.

One of the neat pluses in The Walking Dead: Survivors is that there is a translator built into the chat. This works great because you’ll come across people from all around the world playing. My first clan was a Russian one where I still had decent conversations.

Is The Walking Dead: Survivors Pay to Win?

The Walking Dead Survivors - Pay to Win Model

As goes with any free to play game, especially a mobile one, you have to wonder if it’s pay to win. The unfortunate reality is that nothing prevents you from being the best player in the game if you have money. However, if you don’t spend any money, you can still get by if you’re on a server from the start.

As mentioned above, being in an active clan has huge advantages that will help you stay on top. But you’ll never keep up with those who are paying. Fortunately, dailies, tasks, and certain events will reward you with the real money currency of gems.






Complete Settlement Sieges For Daily Rewards

The Walking Dead Survivors - Settlement Siege Tip

Settlement Sieges are a minigame where you can fight off hordes of Walkers with a little more interaction. These don’t require any form of energy or resources to take part in. And you won’t lose anything if you’re not successful either.

You can find Settlement Sieges under the button with a blue book and knife on it near the bottom of your screen. These are worth doing since you’ll get daily rewards for each day you’ve completed. And, when you finish an entire chapter, you’ll get a survivor for free.






Hunt Walkers For Resources

The Walking Dead Survivors - Walkers Tip

As goes with a zombie game, especially in The Walking Dead universe, prepare to take out some Walkers. The Walking Dead: Survivors has hordes of Walkers wandering the world waiting to be killed. These are one of the best ways to get resources unless you want to attack other players. However, you’ll still need to kill Walkers to get unique items required for certain buildings. Such as Clay or Cloth, for example. Another important reason to farm Walkers is because you can only gather at areas the same level as the highest group you’ve killed.

Once you get to a decent point, it’s useful to farm groups a level or two below what your formation’s strength is at. You don’t want to push for losses, but it’s okay if you end up with some wounded people. So long as your Hospitals are upgraded enough, you won’t lose any fighters that are wounded. But once you get past the max wounded capacity, you’ll start losing fighters. At that point, it’s not always worth it since you’re now losing time invested in the game.

That’s all there is to our The Walking Dead: Survivors mobile game guide for now. If you have any other questions on how something works, feel free to comment below and we’ll try to help you out. Be sure to let us know what you think of the game too.


Saturday 24th of September 2022

How do you stock the store as a Clan leader?


Wednesday 14th of September 2022

Hi there. I am having trouble assigning workers to scavenge as opposed to the formations gathering. I can select assign on the farm lake etc, I can hit assign then choose my worker but when I try to hit assign to make it happen it's not letting me send. I'm just going onto level 14 town hall scanges building is on 9. Is there something I'm not doing right do you know? Thanks in advance xxx


Saturday 24th of September 2022

@Nettie, make sure you have researched buckets. Witout them you cannot get water from the lake.


Wednesday 8th of September 2021

Hi, I play TWD:Survivor,but Don't Know how to Increase Clan Gifts amount or where to claim from? Go to>clan>setttings>leaderboard>clan gifts.

David Bradshaw

Thursday 6th of May 2021

Do a section on training and promotion please