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Outriders – How to Get Anomaly Shards

Outriders - How to Get Anomaly Shards Guide

Understanding how to get Anomaly Shards in Outriders is extremely important for making the best gear. Alongside the many resources you can gather, you’ll need Anomaly Shards for upgrading the stats on armor and weapons. Examples include Armor Pierce, Long Range Damage, Max Health, and more. Continue reading our guide below to learn how to get them.

How to Get Anomaly Shards in Outriders

Outriders - Anomaly Shards Crystal Icon

You can see the small crystal icon next to the Max Health stat. This shows that you’ll get Max Health shards upon dismantling.

Before you can start upgrading the different stats/attributes on your gear at Dr. Zahedi, you’ll need the right Anomaly Shards. The way they work is you have a specific type for each item stat. As mentioned in the intro, these are stats like Armor Pierce or Close Range Damage. Every single stat has its own version of the resource. In order to get them, you’ll need to dismantle items that have a small crystal icon next to their stat. You can see this icon in the screenshot above.

Once you decide to upgrade a stat through the crafting system, you’ll notice you can upgrade it up to six times. Every item has three different stats that start at varying levels set randomly. Also, there’s an important feature to be aware of that may or may not be a bug. Whenever you level an item up at Dr. Zahedi, any stat upgrades you made will be reset. This reverts each stat back to what it was before any upgrades were made. So make sure you’re prepared to lose some Anomaly Shards when upgrading.

One neat trick for getting more Anomaly Shards is to dismantle items you’ve upgraded. You’ll get a portion of the amount you invested in upgrading the stats when dismantling it. This is why it’s worth dismantling items with a bunch of shards invested that you may need again. Instead of say, selling the item for scrap. Even though you can purchase other resources like Leather, Iron, and Titanium, you can’t purchase Anomaly Shards.

How to Farm Anomaly Shards

Outriders - Farming Anomaly Shards

The endgame Outriders Expeditions are great for getting a ton of loot to dismantle.

The quick answer to this question is via the endgame Outriders content called Expeditions. If you haven’t completed the campaign yet and don’t want to know about them, don’t continue reading. Otherwise, Expeditions are essentially timed dungeons that you can run for large amounts of loot. With each varying in time, some are as short as 4 minutes if you’ve got a strong build going. And this can result in 10 to 20 items dropping with Anomaly Shards you need. For our in-depth guide on Expeditions, click here.

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