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Outriders – Expeditions Explained and Guide

Outriders - Expeditions Guide

If you’ve beaten the Outriders campaign, don’t worry, there’s still plenty of content to experience via Expeditions. This is a form of endgame content where you can grind new areas for loot. Also, you’ll get little bits of story spread throughout the Expeditions that essentially feel like dungeons. If you’re familiar with the action-RPG Diablo 3, these play similarly to greater rifts.

Continue reading our guide below to learn more about Expeditions in Outriders. If you’re looking for something specific, you can click a section in the table of contents below. This will bring you directly to that portion of the guide.

Outriders Expeditions Explained
Best Expeditions to Farm
All Expedition Levels in Outriders
Every Challenge Tier Level in Outriders

Outriders Expeditions Explained

Outriders - Expeditions Explained

Expeditions are a fun form of endgame content to challenge yourself and others against high-level enemies.

Expeditions are endgame content in Outriders where you can grind 14 different areas for loot. Once you complete the main campaign, you’ll see that Dr. Zahedi succeeded in unlocking the Flores ship drop pods. This leads to timed missions retrieving the supplies from each pod and gaining new gear. Despite level 30 being the max level your character can hit, you can eventually equip gear as high as level 50.

An important change from the main campaign is how Expeditions have a different difficulty system. Instead of World Tiers, you’ll start at Challenge Tier 1. You can manually set the Challenge Tier for each mission to decide what level each enemy will be. Also, this impacts the level of the loot you’ll get and rarity too. Our Challenge Tiers section here lists the enemy level for each tier. Here are a few other tips to know about Expeditions in Outriders:

  • Available Expeditions change each time you check the map after returning to the camp.
  • You still get loot when abandoning/failing a mission. Check the camp drop pod or near the start of your mission when retrying for a crate. You can see the camp crate in the below screenshot.
Outriders - Expedition Loot Abandoned

Be sure to check the drop pod crate for loot if you fail an Expedition.

  • Completing Expeditions provides Drop Pod Resources for buying gear from Tiago. The price increases with each Challenge Tier.
  • The quicker you complete an Expedition, the better the loot you’ll get.

Best Expeditions to Farm

Outriders - Best Expeditions to Farm

As you likely already know, the Expeditions available to you are constantly changing. This makes it almost impossible to farm the exact same area multiple times. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t prioritize a few over others. It’s important to take a look at which areas you can clear the quickest and which ones have enemies that are a pain. Here are two quick suggestions:

  • Boom Town – This is a quick Expedition with all human enemies. I have the best success farming Boom Town even when trying more difficult Challenge Tiers. The boss isn’t too difficult either compared to others.
  • Chem Plant – This is another short Expedition that has mostly human enemies, then some monsters near the end. I enjoy farming Chem Town because the large number of enemies works well with my Trickster Golem Build.

Let us know in the comments below the article which Expeditions you think are best to farm. I’d love to hear your suggestions and add them to the article too. I prefer to avoid monster-focused areas, even though they have a good amount of weak enemies. It’s often too hard dealing with Strix and Scathians. There’s nothing more frustrating than several Scathians covering the entire floor with AoEs. Or Strix that love to harass you if you get too close.

If you’re determined to farm the same Expedition, there is one quick trick. Returning to the lobby and then going back in-game to the camp will reset the map. This definitely works better for those playing on a PC or console with an SSD for quicker load times. As someone with an NVMe M.2, it takes just under 10 seconds to leave and return.

All Expedition Levels in Outriders

Outriders - All Expedition Levels

The drop pod map only has so many signals available for missions each time you check.

This section of our Outriders guide lists every Expedition available below. If more are added to the endgame at a later time, we’ll try to update this list. It’s worth mentioning that 4 of the 14 Expeditions require a certain Challenge Tier to attempt them. Until reaching the Challenge Tier needed, you won’t be able to try them. Also, these four require Drop Pod Resources to attempt them. You can get these by completing other Expeditions first.

Expeditions That Don’t Cost Resources

  • Chem Plant
  • Boom Town
  • Mountain Outpost
  • Heart of the Wild
  • Timeworn Spire
  • Marshland Caverns
  • Frontline
  • Archways of Enoch
  • Stargrave
  • Paxian Homeland

Expeditions That Cost Resources

  • The Drought Palace – Requires at least Challenge Tier 4 to complete.
  • Colosseum – Requires at least Challenge Tier 8 to complete.
  • Scorched Lands – Requires at least Challenge Tier 12 to complete.
  • Eye of the Storm – Requires at least Challenge Tier 15 to complete.

Every Challenge Tier Level in Outriders

Outriders - Expedition Times

The Drought Palace is one Expedition that requires resources to start. However, you can see how each completed time impacts your reward.

Challenge Tiers are the new endgame difficulty system for Outriders in Expeditions. When you complete the highest Challenge Tier available to you, you’ll unlock the next one. Depending on your time when completing the highest one available, you may unlock multiple tiers. Every tier is listed below alongside the level of enemies you’ll encounter. Unlike the main campaign, it definitely helps to have your gear near the level you’re fighting.

CT1 Level 31
CT2 Level 32
CT3 Level 34
CT4 Level 35
CT5 Level 37
CT6 Level 38
CT7 Level 40
CT8 Level 41
CT9 Level 43
CT10 Level 44
CT11 Level 46
CT12 Level 47
CT13 Level 48
CT14 Level 49
CT15 Level 50

I hope this Outriders Expeditions guide teaches you a thing or two about how the endgame works. If you have any other questions about Outriders, feel free to comment below the article and we’ll try to help you out. And if you’d like, we have plenty of other guides at our guide hub here. We’ve also listed a few below that may be of interest to you.