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Outriders – Golem Trickster Build

Outriders - Trickster Golem Build Guide

If you’re reaching the Outriders endgame and looking for Trickster builds, this is one I’ve been enjoying. This Trickster build revolves around high shotgun damage and the Golem Rising weapon mod for becoming invincible. Continue reading below for the full guide or click a section in the table below.

Golem Trickster Skills
Golem Trickster Class Points
Golem Trickster Mods to Pick
Overall Build Thoughts

Golem Trickster Build Skills

Outriders - Trickster Build Skills

The skills I recommend using for this golem build are Venator’s Knife, Borrowed Time, and Twisted Rounds. As most people know playing the Trickster in outriders, Twisted Rounds amplifies your damage significantly. Venator’s Knife adds on top of that via certain class points. And for this build, Borrowed Time is what keeps you alive.

As you get deeper into the endgame, you’ll come across mods that make it so you can keep Twisted Rounds going infinitely. And any cooldown reduction will make it easier to keep using Venator’s Knife, which already has a short time. The main goal with Borrowed Time is to keep it active with certain mods so your armor increases to a ridiculous amount. You’ll mainly take advantage of this when your Golem buff is down.

Golem Trickster Class Points

Outriders - Trickster Build Class Points

This is my current class point tree for the Golem Trickster build which prioritizes using shotguns and the previously mentioned skills. Brief explanations for major node choices are explained below. Certain minor nodes can be swapped out as you get better mods and attributes on your gear.

Leap of Quietus Increases your Armor Piercing by 25% for 10 seconds after using Movement Skills. This is a small damage boost after using Borrowed Time.
Outrider Executioner Increases your Weapon Damage by 50% for 8 seconds after using Movement Skills. This works alongside Leap of Quietus for extra damage when using Borrowed Time.
Disruptive Firepower Increases Weapon Damage by 50% for 8 seconds after using Deception skills. This is another damage boost that you’ll get by triggering Venator’s Knife. By the time the eight seconds run out, you’ll already have Venator’s Knife back.
Scion of the Power Increases Weapon Damage by 50% for 8 seconds after using Damage skills. This activates with Twisted Rounds for this build.
Bounty Hunter Increases Weapon Damage against Elites by 15%. This is another sizable damage increase for taking out tough enemies quicker.
Oddity Summation Increases your magazine size by 50%. You’ll benefit from higher shotgun magazine sizes. This also makes Twisted Rounds last longer.
Cold Calculation Increases Weapon Damage by 8% for each enemy in Close Range. Prioritizing a shotgun for this build benefits significantly here. Especially in Expeditions with tons of enemies often around you.

Golem Trickster Mods to Pick

Outriders - Golem Rising Weapon Mod

Weapon and armor mods in Outriders are what tend to make the biggest difference for each build. The unfortunate reality is that it will take you a while before you have every mod available for all sorts of unique builds. For those that don’t know, you unlock mods for crafting at Dr. Zahedi by dismantling them. This is why it’s important to look for strong mods in shops so you can buy them for dismantling.

Anyway, you can get 10 total armor mods and 6 weapon mods on your character. You’ll only be able to swap one mod slot on items with multiple slots. So this sometimes requires getting lucky. Take a look at the table below for our recommended mods for this Trickster build. You can still get away with swapping certain mods around to get more out of your build. Especially if you don’t have the other two tier 3 mods mentioned. Mod images will be added at a later time.

Golem Rising (T3) Weapon Killing shots grant you a protective Golem effect for 3 seconds.
Fortress (T3) Weapon Receive up to 43% damage bonus based on your Armor.
Killing Spree (T3) Weapon  Killing shots increase damage by 25% for this weapon for 20 seconds. Bonus deteriorates with time and stacks up to 3 kills.
Striga (T2) Weapon 30% of critical damage is returned to you as Health.
Damage Absorber (T2) Weapon Increases your Armor by x amount and Resistance by 10%
Additional Mag (T1) Weapon Twisted Rounds: The skill is effective for 2 magazines before triggering the cooldown.
Sharp Eye (T3) Armor Killing enemies while aiming down sights grants you X Firepower for 20 seconds. Stacks up to 3 times.
Personal Space (T2) Armor Grants you a 25% bonus to close-range weapon damage.
Vein Ripper (T2) Armor Critical shots inflict Bleed on enemies. Ultimate Bleeding Bullets is a weapon mod that makes all shots trigger bleed.
Vampiric Mag (T2) Armor Killing shots on enemies afflicted with bleed replenishes 50% of ammo in your magazine.
Mitigation From Death (T2) Armor Killing enemies while aiming down sights grants x point of Armor for 10 seconds. Stacks up to 3 times.
Armor of Eons (T1) Armor Borrowed Time: Activating the skill increases your Armor by 100% for 10 seconds.
Strong Twist (T1) Armor Twisted Rounds: While the skill is active, increases the weapon’s Firepower by an additional 15%.
Twisted Fate (T1) Armor Twisted Rounds: Receive 30% Critical Damage bonus while the skill is active.
Time-Space Protection (T1) Armor Borrowed Time: Receive X Armor and 30% Resistance bonus while the skill is active.
Stretched Time (T1) Armor Borrowed Time: Increases the skill’s duration by 100%.

Overall Build Thoughts

This is one of my first Outriders builds, so there’s no guarantee it’ll work into tougher expeditions. So make sure to take it with a grain of salt. Regardless, Golem Rising is a fun weapon mod that makes you feel badass running into hordes of enemies while invincible. However, it suffers when there aren’t weak enemies around and you’re fighting a boss. Since a lot of your survivability comes from that buff.

This is why some of the weapon and armor mods listed are more toward survivability than damage. It’s a necessary balance because you won’t always have the Golem buff active. Another weapon mod worth considering is Soul Devoured which seems to scale well for regenerating health on hits. Also, Phantom Dash is another decent armor mod worth mentioning. It makes so you can dash through enemies.

For more Outriders guides here at Slyther Games, take a look at the guide hub here. We may add a list of builds worth trying at a later time for every class based on popular ones in the community.