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Outriders – How to Craft

Outriders - How to Craft Guide

If you’ve started playing the third-person shooter Outriders and want to know how to craft, this guide is for you. Before getting into it, it’s important to mention those playing the demo won’t have access to this feature. Continue reading below to learn how you can unlock Dr. Zahedi for improving your gear.

How to Craft in Outriders

Outriders - Dr Zahedi Crafting

This screenshot is from a dev vlog about Outriders here.

The first mission after completing the demo portion of Outriders takes you to First City. This is the end of the Reunion mission, leading into Dedication. Once you reach First City, follow the Dedication questline until you find and rescue Dr. Zahedi. Then, all you need to do is complete the Salvation questline and you’ll get a tooltip back at camp for crafting. Now, whenever you’re at a campsite for each region on Enoch, you can speak with Dr. Zahedi to start crafting. For more information on how crafting works, continue reading below for each of the five methods to upgrade your gear.

The next section below also dives into how you can get each crafting resource such as Iron or Titanium, for example. It’s worth mentioning that despite the name, you can’t actually create new weapons or armor by crafting.

  • Improve the rarity of a weapon or piece of armor up to Epic. Rarities are: Common -> Unusual -> Rare -> Epic -> Legendary.
  • Raise the attributes of an item using Anomaly Shards.
  • Change the mod on an item. These provide major buffs to your playstyle.
  • Swap the weapon variant. An in-game guide describes this as the firing mode, clip size, damage per second, recoil, spread, level of zoom, and more.
  • Level up an item as long as it’s rare or above. This increases its firepower or armor and rerolls attribute values.

How to Get Crafting Resources

Outriders - Iron Vein Crafting

Depending on what you’re doing with the crafting system in Outriders, you’ll need different resources. There are four different crafting resources that can also be obtained in the demo. However, the demo has restrictions in place for how high you can gather each. How to gather each resource is explained below.

  • Leather is gotten from killing hostile animals and dismantling armor.
  • Iron is harvestable from ore veins around the world and by dismantling weapons.
  • Titanium is primarily gotten from dismantling epic and legendary items. However, it can still drop from tough enemies and from ore veins.
  • Anomaly Shards can only be gotten from dismantling items.

While you can get the Outriders scrap currency from dismantling items, don’t rely on this for scrap. The main reason for dismantling items seems to be for crafting resources right now. If you need scrap, you’ll get a considerably higher amount by selling it to merchants. Certain items don’t provide any scrap when dismantled.

If you have any questions about Outriders, feel free to ask in the comments below. Otherwise, check out some other great guides we have for the game.