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Outriders is a third-person looter shooter where it’s important to farm the Titanium resource for endgame content. Whether you’ve made it to the end or not, learning how to get Titanium is useful so you can upgrade your gear. Simpler resources like Iron and Leather only work for leveling up gear below the Epic purple rarity. Continue reading our guide below to learn more.

Minor references to endgame content included in this guide.

Dismantling High Rarity Items
Harvesting Iron Ore Veins
Killing Tough Enemies
World Tier Rewards
How to Buy Titanium
What is Titanium For in Outriders

How to Get Titanium in Outriders

Dismantling High Rarity Items

Outriders - Dismantling Titanium
Dismantling items is a great way to farm resources for crafting at Dr. Zahedi.

One of the main methods for getting Titanium in Outriders is dismantling Epic and Legendary items. This works for both armor and weapons. However, you’ll get slightly more for dismantling Legendary items. Epic items seem to give around 5-7 per dismantle, while Legendary items are around 11. It’s possible the amount may vary depending on the item’s level, but we haven’t confirmed this. In my experience, Epic items around level 40 were giving 5-7 Titanium. And a level 37 Legendary I dismantled gave 11.

This becomes a good source of Titanium when you get to the endgame expeditions. These can take anywhere from 6 to 15 minutes and you’re bound to get 10 to 15 items. As you reach higher Challenge Tiers, you’ll get more Epic items worth dismantling. Our final tip in this guide for getting Titanium also revolves around taking advantage of expeditions.

Harvesting Iron Ore Veins Around Enoch

Outriders Iron Deposit Tip

While exploring the Outriders planet of Enoch, you’ll occasionally come across iron ore veins. As shown in the screenshot above, these are gray minerals along walls that glow bright blue. You’ll primarily get iron from harvesting these veins, but sometimes a little Titanium will drop too. Fortunately, having a good stockpile of iron is still useful for crafting. You’ll need it for upgrading weapons below Epic/purple and swapping out weapon mods too.

Killing Tough Enemies

Outriders - Killing Tough Enemies Titanium

An in-game Outriders guide mentions occasionally getting Titanium from tough enemies. While this doesn’t say what defines a tough enemy, it’s safe to assume the developer is referring to elites and bosses. It’s possible a few other enemies may fall into this category still, however. The main way you can tell if an enemy is an elite is they’ll have a special marker on the minimap. Usually, you’ll see a red skull, but other times you may see a crosshair representing a sniper elite. While you’ll come across elites all throughout Outriders, expeditions tend to have many.

World Tier Rewards

Outriders - World Tier Rewards Titanium

As you make progress in the Outriders story, you’ll get rewards each time the World Tier difficulty increases. So long as you’re not dying too much, the World Tier will continue going up. You can see your progression by checking the bar at the top of your screen. Once you start reaching the higher tiers, you’ll start getting Titanium rewards. These are from World Tier 9 to 15. While this isn’t a great way to farm the resource, it’s still another boost.

How to Buy Titanium

Outriders - Camp Screenshot Titanium

The second best method for getting Titanium is buying it from Bailey using scrap. You won’t have access to Bailey’s camp store until you’ve made some decent progress in Outriders’ story. My go-to strategy for farming Titanium is running expeditions. I dismantle Epic/purple items and then sell Rare/blue ones. Then, I sink most of my scrap into Titanium if I’m trying to level up my current gear. Eventually, you get to a point where it’s more frustrating to get better gear from drops or shops. And it’s easier to level up your armor and weapons instead.

What is Titanium For in Outriders

Titanium is a valuable crafting resource you can only get small amounts of from certain sources. If you plan on upgrading Epic or Legendary weapons and armor, you’ll need to use Titanium. This is why it’s important to take advantage of the farming methods mentioned in our guide.

If you learned something useful in our Outriders guide, be sure to visit our guide hub for more tips and tricks. We’ve also listed a few guides that may interest you below. And if you’re still struggling with something not explained here, feel free to ask in the comments below the article.

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