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Knowing what you should and shouldn’t sell in Dying Light 2 can be confusing at first if you’re just starting out. Especially when there are so many different labels for items in-game depending on where you look. Such as valuables, miscellaneous, goods, and more. This begs the question, should I sell all valuables or not?

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Dying Light 2 has a main story quest early on that feels like a bug due to how confusing it is, despite not actually being one. If you’re like many players confused with The Only Way Out and are stuck on this objective, “Meet the people at the Bazaar” this guide will help you out.

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If you’re someone that enjoys playing games stealthily, learning how to throw coins in Dying Light 2 is useful to know. This is an especially useful accessory to have at your disposal when sneaking around sleeping zombies. While you won’t necessarily want to wake them up, this will help distract the ones already awake.

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