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Dying Light 2 – Should I Sell All Valuables

Dying Light 2 - Sell All Valuables Guide

Knowing what you should and shouldn’t sell in Dying Light 2 can be confusing at first if you’re just starting out. Especially when there are so many different labels for items in-game depending on where you look. Such as valuables, miscellaneous, goods, and more. This begs the question, should I sell all valuables or not?

Nobody wants to get stuck with their inventory full of junk or tons of extra gear when you’re not quite sure what to do with it. Continue reading our quick guide for what to sell to traders.

Should I Sell All Valuables in Dying Light 2?

Dying Light 2 - Valuable Loot Money

These items can quickly add up in value giving you thousands worth of money in no time.

If you’ve made it to the Bazaar or come across your first trader, you may have noticed the option to “Sell All Valuables”. Typically in a game with tons of looting, you’re bound to fill up with junk that can be sold for money. This is where things can get confusing since you’d figure items named valuable may be important.

However, this isn’t the case and you can simply sell all your valuables for money instead. While looting the many containers and enemies throughout Villedor, you’ll find tons of junk as well. The option to sell all your valuables at once is a convenient way to save time. There’s no need to sell each item individually.

Dying Light 2 - Miscellaneous Goods Trader

The trader tends to make it confusing by adding different labels to the items we already know as valuables.

This is one of the main methods for getting money fast in Dying Light 2. Since you can find expensive valuables in Dark Hollow buildings and Forsaken Stores. But, you can stock up on items to sell pretty much anywhere you explore. Also, don’t be surprised if you run out of inventory space for weapons and gear.

Chances are you’ll quickly get a full inventory with too many weapons and armor that you don’t even need. Despite certain armor types being better for different situations, you’ll quickly rank up leaving armor behind. This is when it makes sense to sell low-rank gear or armor with traits you don’t like. So you can buy better equipment, consumables, and blueprints too.

Dying Light 2 - Looting Valuables For Money

Keep an eye out for high rarity loot worth keeping when exploring. If you have to pick a lock to reach it, chances are it’s worthwhile.

That’s all there is to this Dying Light 2 guide on whether or not you should sell your valuables. You’ll have more money than you could need before you know it if you keep looting. Take advantage of your survivor sense to find higher rarity containers with items you actually want. Instead of wasting your time on containers with just Scrap.