Muck – Chief’s Spear Seed Near Spawn

Muck - Chief's Spear Seed

The strongest weapon in survival game Muck tends to go back and forth between the Chief’s Spear and Night Blade. Fortunately for you, we have seeds for both in our Best Muck Game Seeds guide. However, if you’re just looking for a Chief’s Spear seed, I’ve also got you covered.

For those that don’t know, this weapon was added in Update 4 by developer Dani. It has higher damage than the Night Blade, but it attacks a little bit slower. With that said, it still has the advantage of longer reach for attacking more safely. And we all know that also helps with taking out Wyverns in the air.

Get the Chief’s Spear With This Muck Seed

The below seed has a Woodmen village not too far from spawn that also has a Chief’s Chest. This chest normally has a chance for the spear to spawn, but with this seed, it’s 100% guaranteed. Take a look at the map screenshot below for where the village is exactly. The chest will be slightly raised on a block of stone.

Seed: -1949318587

Be prepared for the Woodmen to immediately chase after you upon opening the chest. I recommend equipping the spear first so you can fight them off and not end your run prematurely. Otherwise, make sure they don’t have anything you want to buy before doing this. As you won’t be able to purchase items from them anymore.

Muck - Chief's Spear Chest Map
Immediately make your way up from the spawn to where I am on the map to find the village. This is where the Chief’s Chest is.

For those familiar with Update 4, the Woodmen are a great way to speed up your progression. Especially when you can get an Adamantite Pickaxe or Axe right away. This skips a good chunk of early game grinding.

How to Craft the Chief’s Spear

Muck - How to Craft Chief's Spear

If you’re curious how to craft the Chief’s Spear instead of looting it from a Woodmen village, there is a way. As explained in our guide on the Best Muck Weapon, the most annoying part is getting a Spear Tip. This item has a rare chance to drop from defeating the Chief boss. In the same way, you can get rare items like the Blade and Sword Hilt from Gronk. The Spear Tip also has a chance to spawn in the Chief’s Chest.

Once you’ve successfully gotten a Spear Tip, all you need is 15 Dark Oak Wood. You’ll need an Adamantite Axe before you can chop Dark Oak trees. Fortunately, that’s all there is to this simple recipe. You can craft it at the Anvil crafting station.

If you have any other Muck questions for me, feel free to comment below the guide. I’ll do my best to get back to you if I can help. Otherwise, be sure to visit the Muck guide hub for more useful tips and tricks. Or take a look at one of the guides listed below.

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