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Muck – How to Use Jetpack

Muck - How to Use Jetpacks

Muck is a free survival roguelite filled with powerups that make you stronger in all sorts of ways. While you will still need to upgrade your gear, powerups help as passive buffs too. This is why it’s important to understand how to use useful ones like the Jetpack.

I’ve seen a good amount of confusion in the community about how this buff works. Continue reading our short guide below for a quick answer. And also what other power-ups go well with it.

How to Use the Jetpack in Muck

It’s sometimes difficult to know what different Muck powerups do because they have vague descriptions. Certain ones are a little more obvious than others. But, in the case of the Jetpack, all it says is, “To the moon”. Most people would assume this means you can fly somehow by using it.

Unfortunately, that’s not the case because this powerup doesn’t work how you’d think. Instead, it increases your maximum jump height. This can be a fun power-up to stack because you’ll keep jumping higher as you get more of it. Also, it pairs extremely well with Janniks Frog which gives you an extra jump.

If you combine both the Jetpack and Janniks Frog powerups, you can practically fly. Especially since Janniks Frog also stacks. Depending on your Muck world seed, you can end up with several stacked and practically jump forever. While this can be dangerous against Guardians, it’s great for taking out flying Wyverns.

However, if you’re struggling to find either power-up, you can still craft a bow. This is a much safer option for dealing with new enemies or simply defeating Wyverns. The one good thing is that they’ll fly low to the ground until you start jumping near them. If you jump several times high up into the air, they’ll start to fly higher as well.

Jetpack Power-up Cons

Muck - Jetpack To the Moon Powerup

It’s often easy to not know what powerups do because their descriptions don’t say much.

One thing to be careful of when stacking this power-up is that you may get stuck in the air for a while. Unfortunately, there isn’t a way to drop down to the ground quicker. This leads to you being vulnerable against certain enemies in Muck. Specifically, the Guardian as mentioned above. Our guide on How to Beat Muck provides tips and tricks for killing Guardians.

With that said, you can avoid attacks from the majority of enemies in Muck. The Jetpack works great for jumping above Big Chunk slams and avoiding Gronk too. Especially if you’re trying to regenerate some health or attack from a different angle.

If you have any other Muck questions for me, feel free to comment below the guide for more help. Otherwise, be sure to visit the guide hub for more useful tips and tricks. Or take a look at one of the many guides below. What powerups do you think are the best? The Crimson Knife and Sniper Scope are two favorites of mine.