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Muck – What is Versus Mode

Muck - What is Versus Mode Guide

The free survival roguelite game Muck has three different modes you can pick as the host. Depending on the type of experience you want, you should pick a certain one. That’s why I’ve put together this guide explaining how the Versus mode works. With that said, most people trying Muck are more likely looking for the Survival mode.

What is Versus Mode in Muck

The traditional way of playing this game is Survival mode since it doesn’t have any special rules or conditions. You have to survive day after day fighting enemies that keep getting tougher while crafting new gear as well. Versus mode mixes it up a little bit by adding a new challenge if you also enable player damage.

To our knowledge, this mode requires at least two people and puts everyone against each other. As each night passes, the island gets smaller until there’s eventually no room left to survive. If you enable player damage with this mode, you can fight to be the last one alive. Otherwise, it turns into a silly situation where nobody easily dies.

With that said, enemies still spawn at night so you’ll need to be wary of the usual dangers. This can be a fun mode to set house rules for such as not fighting until a certain day. Or you can simply let it be chaos and see who survives past the first day. Nobody wants to be the first one dead on day one.

Muck - Versus Mode Setting

The Versus mode is a fun way to create a more competitive experience against others.

I haven’t personally tested the Versus mode, so there could be more to it than I know. Feel free to comment below the article with anything you may know and we’ll add it to the article. For those wondering about the third final Muck mode, it’s Creative.

As explained in our guide on How to Use Creative, it’s nothing quite special. This mode is more so for a calm experience if you’d prefer to focus on building or the crafting side of things. With that said, you can still beat Muck. You’ll just miss out on certain achievements that require playing on Survival instead.

If you have any other Muck questions for us, feel free to ask in the comments below the article. We’ve listed a few guides below that seem to be common questions in the Muck community as well.