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Muck – What is Player Damage

Muck - What is Player Damage Guide

One of the few Muck settings you can customize when hosting your own server is player damage. A common question I’ve seen in the community is what is player damage and how does it impact your game. While the answer may be obvious for some people, I’ve put together this guide to help those that aren’t quite sure. Continue reading below for the info.

What is Player Damage in Muck

This is a setting that only the host can change when starting a server. Alongside other options like difficulty, game mode, and the world seed. By default, player damage is turned off which prevents people from dealing damage to each other. The main reason you’d want this setting turned on is if you’re aiming for a more competitive experience.

Or if you want to make Muck a little more challenging with friendly fire. In this case, turn the setting on and do your best to not hit your teammates. This can make it a little more difficult since you can’t slash haphazardly at enemies anymore. You’ll need to be careful of hitting your friends or even shooting them with a bow.

But if you’re really looking to make Muck tougher, you can simply raise the difficulty instead. Easy mode is a good way to learn the game since the developer has made the entire game tougher with updates. If you’re playing for the first time or getting a friend to try it, definitely visit our Beginner Guide.

Muck - Player Damage Setting

There are only a few reasons why you’d want to enable this option.

The other common reason to enable player damage is if you’re using the Versus game mode. This is essentially a battle royale version of Muck where everyone on the server is against each other. While you can team up with others, only one person can survive. If you don’t enable player damage, it can be a little silly since players can’t lose easily.

One misconception I can see around this setting is thinking that it would make you invincible. Unfortunately, this isn’t the case as it doesn’t have to do with your health. So if you’re playing alone without others, there’s no real reason to turn it on. Since it won’t make a difference whether it is on or not.

If you have any other Muck questions for us, feel free to ask in the comments below the article. We’ve listed a few guides below that seem to be common questions in the Muck community as well.


Wednesday 28th of July 2021



Wednesday 28th of July 2021