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Loop Hero – What Does Vampirism Do?

Loop Hero - Vampirism Guide Art

The roguelite Loop Hero has all sorts of vague stats that leave plenty of us questioning what they actually do. If you’ve stumbled upon our guide because you want to know what the vampirism stat does, we’ve got some quick info for you.

What Does Vampirism Do in Loop Hero?

Loop Hero - Vampirism Stat

If you’ve played a bunch of RPG games or even certain shooters, you may already be familiar with vampire/life leech mechanics. However, if you haven’t, don’t worry, this is why we’re here to help you out. Vampirism is one of many stats in Loop Hero where you can drain health from enemies as you attack them. Depending on the percentage of your vampirism stat, you’ll get a certain amount of health based on your damage. For example, if your stat is 20% and you deal 100 damage, you’ll get 20 health back immediately. This is a useful way to stay alive gaining little bits of health throughout your run.

It’s important to mention that only the starting Warrior class can build vampirism. However, the Rogue does start with 5%. They just can’t increase it from there using items, the same way the Warrior can. This is where the Warrior often shines between using this stat for health as well as regeneration over time. While the community is a little divided over building health regeneration, I’m a fan of it as mentioned in our tips and tricks guide.

Is Vampirism Worth Building?

Loop Hero - Vampirism Warrior Class Stats

If you’re playing as a Warrior, it’s definitely a popular way to get health back. However, one of the best ways to recover health as this class is also via the campfire tile. You’ll get a significant chunk back every time since it’s percentage-based. And the Warrior tends to have a large amount of health due to their armor. The advantage of vampirism is that you’ll recover health along the route without needing to complete a loop to heal.

A neat trick is combining the damage to all stat with vampirism to get even more health back. The damage to all stat makes it so you hurt all enemies in the fight. This also applies to the enemy you’re currently targeting. Since vampirism also applies to that stat, you can combine the two for fun results.

If you have any other questions regarding Loop Hero in general, comment below the article for help. As we all know, Loop Hero could use some tooltips explaining stats a little more thoroughly. For more guides, head over to our guide hub here or check out some useful ones below.