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Noita – Perk Tier List Guide

Noita Tier List

If you’re looking for the best perks to use in Noita, take a peek at our Perk Tier List below. This guide uses my personal experiences with each perk and how I feel about them. Each of the four tiers on the tier list shows what perks are included with short explanations below them.

If you have any criticisms on the position of a perk, drop a comment below and let me know why. I’ll consider moving the tier list position with the right feedback.

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Tier 1

Noita Tier List 1

Tier 1 perks are the best to grab if you ever see them. These perks will make your survival much more likely.

Extra HP Saving Grace Extra Maximum HP From Hearts Critical Hit +
Permanent Shield Plague Rats Edit Wands Everywhere All Seeing Eye

Further information on each perk’s position is below. Each perk is in order of rank below:

Extra HP PerkExtra HP – An extra 50% health boost is nothing to shrug at. Getting hit by enemies is often inevitable and Extra HP helps make you tankier.

Permanent Shield PerkPermanent Shield – The Permanent Shield perk is a nice way to reflect small projectiles. Occasionally a shot gets through, why not be prepared for it? Combines well with Projectile Repulsion Field.

Edit Wands Everywhere PerkEdit Wands Everywhere – Not being limited to editing in Holy Mountain opens up the potential for greater spell combos. Plus, you can take spells from wands you find, even if you’re full of wands.

Saving Grace PerkSaving Grace – Saving Grace prevents dying from massive damage, regardless of what it is. So long as you’re not taking consistent damage, you’ll drop to 1 health and have a chance at surviving.

Plague Rats PerkPlague Rats – Rats are no longer hostile and the ones that appear from dead enemies are strong. One dead enemy is a good way to start a chain reaction of Plague Rats for killing other enemies.

Critical Hit + PerkCritical Hit + – An increased critical hit chance is great for dealing more damage when you really need it.

All Seeing Eye PerkAll Seeing Eye – Knowledge is power in roguelike games. The All Seeing Eye makes it easy to see any potential dangers and/or opportunities.

Extra Maximum HP From Hearts PerkExtra Maximum HP From Hearts – Another opportunity alongside the Extra HP perk at gaining more max health.

Tier 2

Noita Tier List 2

Tier 2 perks are a nice alternative if no Tier 1 perks are available. These may require a little skill to be used efficiently without dying.

Glass Cannon Greed Electricity Electricity Immunity
Dissolve Powders Extra Perk Perk Lottery Invisibility
Projectile Repulsion Field

Further information on each perk’s position is below. Each perk is described in order of rank:

Greed PerkGreed – This perk is close between Tier 1 and Tier 2 as it depends on the player. Gaining double gold from nuggets is a nice way to afford more expensive wands and spells. However, if you’re a patient player or take advantage of mining, money is rarely an issue.

Projectile Repulsion Field PerkProjectile Repulsion Field – This would be Tier 1 if it didn’t increase damage from projectiles by 26%. However, it repels most shots from getting through.

Glass Cannon PerkGlass Cannon – This is a high skill perk since it completely changes your run. Dealing 5x damage is an incredible bonus. However, being limited to 50 max health and larger blast explosions can make death likely. Hearts used to push the 50 max health, but they no longer do.

Electricity PerkElectricity – High skill perk that can lead to accidental deaths, but also kills plenty. Electricity Immunity is provided with the Electricity perk.

Perk Lottery PerkPerk Lottery – This perk is a literal hit or miss to have that can hurt you more than help you, while vice versa as well. Getting three perks or four if you have Extra Perk active can be incredible.

Extra PerkExtra Perk – This is an investment since you’re passing on a perk when you take it to have more options later.

Dissolve Powders PerkDissolve Powders – This perk is more of a convenience than useful for survival. Dissolve Powders helps with clearing soft material paths in a hurry.

Invisibility PerkInvisibility – Invisibility is in between Tier 2 and Tier 3 since it doesn’t serve a huge purpose aside from playing stealthily. I won a Noita run by simply avoiding enemies that were too difficult.

Electricity Immunity PerkElectricity Immunity – Electricity leads to a quick death if you don’t see it, and still sometimes when you do.

Tier 3

Noita Tier List 3

Tier 3 perks are rarely good alone unless they’re for a specific situation.

Strong Levitation Lukki Mutation Low Gravity Revenge Explosion
Breathless Trick Greed Faster Movement Faster Swimming
Fire Immunity Toxic Sludge Immunity Explosion Immunity Melee Immunity
More Blood Slime Blood Oil Blood Vampirism
Revenge Tentacle Bombs Materialized Repelling Cape Stainless Armour
Bouncing Spells Extra Life

Further information on each perk’s position is below. Each perk is described in order of rank:

Strong Levitation PerkStrong Levitation – It’s useful having a larger levitation bar despite needing to recharge the full bar as well.

Vampirism PerkVampirism – This is one of a few ways to heal in Noita despite losing one-third of your max health. This perk benefits from More Blood to have enough blood to drink. Otherwise, a lack of blood to drink can outweigh Vampirism’s usefulness.

Revenge Tentacle PerkRevenge Tentacle – The tentacle does a nice chunk of damage, but it requires you to get hurt. I’ve never been a fan of perks in games that require getting hurt.

Explosion Immunity PerkExplosion Immunity – I put this immunity highest because it will always be an issue. Whether it’s from a misfire of your own or an enemy. This makes it easier to fight close to enemies with explosive spells and works especially for Nightmare Mode.

Melee Immunity PerkMelee Immunity – Immune to all melee damage from enemies. I never try to get close to enemies, but some attacks slip through when you’re in a panic. This helps deal with that and potentially caters to certain playstyles.

Toxic Sludge Immunity PerkToxic Sludge Immunity – Toxic sludge is extremely common in The Mines, but you’re still likely to run into it later too. Not a huge priority since it’s easy to wipe off with water too.

Stainless Armour PerkStainless Armour – Taking 50% less damage if you don’t have an active stain is a nice modifier. However, it’s difficult to not have a stain unless you use Stainless Armour with the Repelling Cape.

Fire Immunity PerkFire Immunity – Fire is common early on similar to Toxic Sludge making the immunity nice to have. However, it’s easy to put out with water and shouldn’t be a high priority perk to have.

More Blood PerkMore Blood – More Blood is primarily worth getting if you already have Vampirism. It synergizes well with Vampirism for regaining health. Aside from that, you’re wasting your time.

Slime Blood PerkSlime Blood – The major benefit of bleeding slime is gaining 40% projectile resistance from slime. However, that requires you to have slime on you and that goes with getting hurt.

Oil Blood PerkOil Blood – Bleeding oil is dangerous because of the negative effects, but it also grants 40% explosive resistance. I’m not a fan of the ground becoming slippery and increasing your flammability.

Lukki Mutation PerkLukki Mutation – The major disadvantage to the Lukki Mutation is having no jetpack/levitation unless a leg is attached to a wall. Otherwise, it’s good for close-quarters combat despite hitting explosive hazards too.

Repelling Cape PerkRepelling Cape – Primarily good for synergizing with Invisibility and Stainless Armour to avoid stains.

Revenge Explosion PerkRevenge Explosion – Requires getting hurt, but emits a large explosion dealing high damage.


Extra Life PerkExtra Life – It’s difficult keeping Extra Life in Tier 3 as opposed to Tier 4 with how frequently you die after coming back. Extra Life suffers from the same problem as Saving Grace where you survive with 1 health in the same spot. Consistent damage will still kill you.

Trick Greed PerkTrick Greed – Unless you aim for accidental kills, you won’t get much use out of the 4x gold drop.

Bombs Materialized PerkBombs Materialized – Functions as another wand slot for bombs exclusively. Nothing significant or game-changing here.

Bouncing Spells PerkBouncing Spells – I haven’t experimented enough with different spell combos to use Bouncing Spells efficiently. Others might see the power of it.

Faster Movement PerkFaster Movement – The speed buff on this perk is so minimal it’s not worth getting.


Faster Swimming PerkFaster Swimming – The speed buff on this similar to Faster Movement is also too small to be worthwhile. Faster Swimming is limited to a few situations where it’d come in handy as well.

Low Gravity PerkLow Gravity – The slow speed makes it difficult to dodge projectiles. Low Gravity falls close to Tier 4 on the tier list.

Tier 4

Noita Tier List 4

Unless you have a really good reason, tier 4 perks are mostly worth passing on. That doesn’t mean they can’t be useful, it just means there are better perks to choose.

Worm Attractor Worm Detractor More Hatred More Love
Boomerang Spells Extra Enemy Knockback Concentrated Spells Attract Gold
Exploding Corpses Homing Shots Freeze Field Never Skip Leg Day

Further information on each perk’s position is below. Each perk is described in order of rank:

More Love PerkMore Love – A peaceful world is a safer one.


More Hatred PerkMore Hatred – The chaos of more enemies fighting leads to extra money and fewer enemies in your way. However, there is a disadvantage in losing money from enemies dying off-screen.

Extra Enemy Knockback PerkExtra Enemy Knockback – Knockback is a good way to push enemies away, rather than to kill them. Spells require more aiming when enemies are constantly getting pushed away.

Concentrated Spells PerkConcentrated Spells – This is another spell modifier that I don’t have enough experience with wand building to have a strong opinion on. Post a comment below if you have any positive or negative experiences with Concentrated Spells.

Attract Gold PerkAttract Gold – Having a gold magnet is a small quality of life change for when gold disappears right as you get near it. However, it doesn’t serve much purpose aside from safely gathering gold in hazards like toxic sludge.

Homing Shots PerkHoming Shots – Projectiles rarely function well enough with Homing Shots for it to be worth it. Your projectiles are more likely to hit the ground while trying to home toward enemies as well.

Freezing Field PerkFreeze FIeld – Freezing all liquids prevents gathering them and frequently gets your character stuck. I don’t have a strong reason for using Freeze Field aside from crossing wide areas of liquids like water or lava.

Worm Attractor PerkWorm Attractor – This is only worth getting if you’re hunting large worms for gold. Also, it’s worth destroying Worm Crystals if you grab Worm Attractor.

Teleportitis PerkTeleportitis – 20% less damage is a high reduction, but random teleportation is an easy way to an instant death too.

Exploding Corpses PerkExploding Corpses – If the explosion size is ever buffed, this tier list position could change. Currently, however, corpses barely explode.

Never Skip Leg Day PerkNever Skip Leg Day – Low kick knockback increase that’s barely even worth it for barrels. The damage increase from 1 to 4 is abysmal too.

Boomerang Spells PerkBoomerang Spells – I haven’t had great experiences with Boomerang Spells as they limit the range of many spells. However, if you find a creative way to use it, post a comment below.

Worm Detractor PerkWorm Detractor – I barely run into worms even without this perk. For a beginner player, Worm Detractor still isn’t worth taking. Unless the alternative perks will get you killed.

If you have any criticisms or suggestions for the tier list, post a comment below and let me know.

If you’re still new to Noita, be sure to take a look at our 10 Best Beginner Tips and Tricks.

Noita is available on PC via Humble Bundle and Steam Early Access as of September 24, 2019. The developer hasn’t confirmed any plans for consoles at the time of this publication.

Disclaimer: Certain links in this article may contain affiliate links where purchases may provide a small commission to Slyther Games. Our affiliate policy is here.


Thursday 24th of March 2022

Boomerang Spells is fucking amazing with chainsaw, as it turns it into a ranged, very high DPS weapon. Can't recommend using other spells with it, lost a run to being chased by an explosive crate I summoned when I forgot I had the perk, but if you have chainsaw it's a run winner


Tuesday 4th of January 2022

The Explosive Corpse can now be set in Tier 2 or 3 as it also gives explosion immunity.


Saturday 24th of April 2021

It's 2021, and I must say that there's a new perk that certainly belongs in Tier 1: Unlimited Spells. The crazy things you can do when you have, say, unlimited magic missiles, in amazing...


Thursday 14th of May 2020

I would say that concentrated spells is decent, but only under specific circumstances. I had one run where I found a wand with six light beam spells that all shot at the same time, then picked concentrated spells, and I basically had a 60 damage laser that could one-shot quite a few of the early enemies.