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What is Moving Out?

If you’re a fan of great couch co-op games to play with friends, Moving Out is worth your time. It’s another silly simulator Team17 Digital is publishing alongside Overcooked if you’re familiar with that too. Instead of running around cooking and bumping into your friends, you’re racing against the clock as a moving company.


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What is The Drifter?What is Heavenly Bodies?

The Smooth Moves company is made of four unique characters that may not get the job done perfectly, but they do quickly. Throwing chairs through windows, pulling toasters out of sockets, and more, are several of the many ways to cause chaos while completing the job. If you’re interested in taking a look at Moving Out, check out the video above from Slyther Games.

Moving Out doesn’t have a release date at this time, but is coming to Xbox One, PlayStation 4, PC, and Nintendo Switch. The Steam store page mentions a 2020 release window, however.

Introducing “What is?” on YouTube

“What is?” is a new video series I’m producing for Slyther Games for quick previews of games. Indie games are a great opportunity especially for the series as it’s a nice way to highlight them. Whenever I have time to make videos, I’ll try to add to this series. I cut down the gameplay I recorded significantly and have considered uploading the raw gameplay for people who want an extended look without commentary.

If I come up with a better name or idea for the series of video previews, you’ll know later! In the meantime, this is an easy way to get right to the point.

Our previous video in the series features Heavenly Bodies here for those interested in seeing more video content.

If you have any ideas for videos or games you’d like covered, let me know in the comments below.