Deep Rock Galactic

Deep Rock Galactic Update Introduces the Exterminator

Update 27 for Deep Rock Galactic is live and with it comes a massive machine event featuring the Exterminator. Developer Ghost Ship Games released the new update just before the…

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Noita Steam Update

Noita’s Eighth Update Adds New Spells and More

Nolla Games behind Noita has released their eighth update with new content, tweaks, and bug fixes. A quick rundown of what’s new in Update #8 is available below. Jeffrey LermanJeff…

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Flotsam Header

Flotsam Update 0.2.0 Adds New Landmarks

The latest Flotsam update adds new landmarks to the ocean alongside a lot of basic changes. Jeffrey LermanJeff is a journalist that loves to write, stream, and make content about…

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Why are Players Angry About the MSL Onyx Change?

Update: Nexon updated the MapleStory 2 community earlier today after hearing feedback to the MSL Onyx change previously announced. The update is the Epic Weapon passive buffs will now trigger…

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Next MapleStory 2 Update Focused on Fairfight & More

Nexon released their second State of the Game producer blog for MapleStory 2, detailing both the past week and looking forward. Jeffrey LermanJeff is a journalist that loves to write,…

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