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Dave the Diver – What to Do After Beating the Game

Dave the Diver - What to Do After Beating the Game Guide

If you hit Dave the Diver’s ending and aren’t quite sure what to do after beating the game, this guide is for you. Or perhaps you’re just someone wondering how the replay value is. While you won’t be able to fight bosses again, there are still plenty of things for you to do.

Unlike many single-player games where you hit the ending and it’s all over, this is far from the case here. Instead, you can continue diving for fish and managing Bancho Sushi. Chances are there’s still a good chunk of content you haven’t completed. Whether it’s searching for a fish you haven’t caught or hunting down some achievements. Especially if you don’t know about the secret cat achievements.

What to Do After Beating Dave the Diver

Dave the Diver - Ending Before Dave Goes to Sleep

Once you’ve beaten the game and finished the credits sequence, you’ll end up right back on your boat. Even though a tooltip before finishing the game mentions that you should finish all your quests first, it seems to be more of a joke than anything. This realization by Dave is mainly a reference to games where you get a moment of “no return”.

At which point, something dramatic is about to happen or potentially world-changing that would prevent you from finishing content. However, this isn’t the case for Dave the Diver, so you can indeed return to all your side quests. Aside from completing those, here are some activities you can still participate in:

Complete the Marinca Collection of Fish

Dave the Diver - Marinca Fish Collection

One of the many phone apps you’ll get is the Marinca which is a bit of an homage to a Pokedex. You can track all the different fish you’ve caught across each biome. As well as what the highest star grade out of three you’ve caught is. Opening the app will also show useful information like where to find them alongside the silly motto, “Gotta Fish’em All!”

Reach the Diamond Cooksta Rank

Dave the Diver - Finishing All Cooksta Ranks

Continue serving customers at Bancho Sushi until you’re eligible for the final Cooksta rank of Diamond. This may take a long time since the amount of followers you need is a sizable chunk. However, it gives you something to aim for as you continue building your reputation.

Complete All Ecowatcher Tasks

Dave the Diver - Unlocking the Final Ecowatcher Reward

If you plan on getting the top Cooksta Rank, you may want to pop open the Ecowatcher app as well. Instead of getting rewards that improve Bancho Sushi, you can work toward level 5 to get the Eco Waterproof Bag. By now you may not need it, but if you do get this far, the Eco Waterproof Bag will give you an extra 30 kg per dive.

Customize the Bancho Sushi Interior

Dave the Diver - Customizing Bancho Sushi Interior

Spend your hard-earned money on cleaning up the look of Bancho Sushi. You can customize the interior with a new table, new chairs, speakers, pictures, and more. If you’ve already beaten the game, you may have unlocked new furniture without realizing it. One of my favorite unlocks is the squid portrait of Selgio. Also, if you’re wondering if interior does anything, check our guide.

Unlock Every Upgrade You Can Get

Dave the Diver - iDiver Upgrade Phone App

If you want to accomplish everything you’re going to need to start raking in money for upgrades! That includes buying every iDiver upgrade, expanding the land farm, fish farm, underwater farm, and even all weapon upgrades. Chances are you’ll have your hands full if you go this route.

Evolve the Gyao! Minigame Pet

Dave the Diver - Gyao Minigame Pet Evolution

This one may be a little silly but it ties into unlocking every Marinca card. If you keep taking care of your Gyao pet via the Minigames folder on your phone, you can evolve digital fish. It’s a relatively simple minigame that may remind some players of Tamagotchis. With that said, it can get a little annoying to constantly check if you want to stay on top of their needs.

While we haven’t mentioned every single thing you can do after beating the game, this is a good place to start. You may come up with a few other ways to entertain yourself while still grinding out Dave the Diver. Such as new party events with certain themes still taking place. And it’s always possible the developer adds new content or tweaks certain things, despite it being a finished game.