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Dave the Diver – Does Interior Do Anything?

Dave the Diver - Does Interior Do Anything

If you’re one of many Dave the Diver players wondering does interior do anything, we’re here to help you out! For those that may be new to the game, you can spend your hard-earned money on new furniture for Bancho Sushi. Some examples include the table customers eat on, their chairs, and miscellaneous decorations too.

You can even get some decorations for free if you complete certain side quests or make progress in the story. Such as tracking down the pet squid Selgio where you’ll then get a portrait for your bar. But the real question is, does applying these different furniture and decorations make a difference?

Does Interior Do Anything in Dave the Diver?

Dave the Diver - Using Cheap Interior Furniture

Designing the look of Bancho Sushi can be one of the last things on your mind early on in Dave the Diver.

Before experimenting with different interior options in Bancho Sushi I made sure to do some research online. While I usually found the same answer, I did notice one site said you’d get more customers with expensive furniture. However, I tried testing this out across several nights and didn’t notice any change.

I bought some of the most expensive interior choices I had available while testing it against previous nights. If you’re interested in trying something similar, you can always use the Management app on your Dave the Diver phone. This will show previous nights with information like how many customers came and how much money you made.

Dave the Diver - Platinum Cooksta Rank

This screenshot is purely to give an idea of where my progress was when testing this theory.

Regardless, with expensive interior choices and having a Cooksta rank of Diamond I got 36 customers. Then, I got rid of all those interior options and reset it back to the default. This led to me getting the exact same amount of customers. Afterward, I tried another night but I upgraded a couple of my staff members a little. Go figure, I still ended up with 36 customers.

This just adds to the ongoing confusion around how many customers you’ll have each night in Dave the Diver. At best, we can safely assume progressing the story and increasing your Cooksta rank will impact it most. However, we can definitely say from quick testing that interior doesn’t impact the customer amount.

Dave the Diver - Customizing Bancho Sushi Interior

If you’ve already beaten Dave the Diver and are looking for things to throw money at, here’s one place to do it.

So if you want to design Bancho Sushi and make it look a certain way, feel free to. Don’t worry so much about whether the interior does anything. Because as far as we can tell, it doesn’t seem to matter. This makes it easier to continue spending your money on upgrades if you’re not too concerned with how the place looks.