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Dave the Diver – What Items to Sell

Dave the Diver - What Items to Sell

Making money early on in Dave the Diver can be difficult if you’re debating what items to sell and how else to make money. Especially since a good chunk of your money comes from the sushi bar. But, that’s not the only way if you take advantage of Cobra’s Premium Shop.

Fortunately, as you get further into the Dave the Diver story, you’ll unlock other ways to make money too. One of the big ones outside of the sushi bar is the Fish Farm. Without spoiling too much, this is another area you can sail your boat to and start breeding fish.

Dave the Diver - Upgrading to Flame Rifle

Be careful to not accidentally sell materials you’ll need later even though they’re valuable.

Before you start selling everything that seems like junk or worth a lot of money, hold up! Aside from unlocking new ways to make money, you’ll also unlock new mechanics for using your items. That includes junk like Scrap Iron and Rope to more advanced items like a Whitetip Reefshark’s Tooth.

So even though you may get a good chunk of money for selling a unique item like that tooth, you may want to wait. At least wait until you’ve unlocked Duff’s Weapon Shop for upgrading weapons. Until then, you’ll want to keep an eye out for certain valuable items to sell that we’ll explain below.

What Items to Sell in Dave the Diver

Selling Items to Cobra’s Premium Shop

Dave the Diver - Selling a Silver Bowl For Money

Selling items is definitely one of the weaker ways to earn money in Dave the Diver. Even though it can help early on.

Cobra’s Premium Shop is the first shop you’ll unlock where you can start selling items. While you can sell almost anything including your weapons, you shouldn’t. Instead, you’ll want to look for items like the Silver Bowl which mentions selling it at the Cobra Shop. This is a good indicator that you can sell it without having to worry.

Aside from items that mention selling to the Cobra Shop, they often have a purpose. Even if it’s a limited amount or for a weapon upgrade that you don’t care about. Eventually, you’ll get a feel for what you don’t mind selling at least some of if you have a lot. Whereas more unique items from rare fish or sharks are worth keeping. Here are some valuables to sell to Cobra:

  • Silver Bowl – 50 gold
  • Pearl – 100 gold
  • Gold Fish Statue – 300 gold
  • Large Gold Bar – 500 gold
Dave the Diver - Greenland Shark Spine in Cobra's Premium Shop

That Greenland Shark Spine can be worth a good chunk, but you may need it for an upgrade. As someone who loves the Tranquilizer, I don’t mind selling it.

Unsurprisingly, but worth mentioning, you can only sell items to Cobra’s Premium Shop on the boat during the morning or afternoon phases. Otherwise, if you’re in the evening night phase, you’ll need to skip time forward into the next day. Make sure you check the next section for what items to sell in Dave the Diver that you shouldn’t sell to Cobra.

Selling Items to the Sea People Blacksmith

Dave the Diver - How to Get Bei Sea People Currency

The Blacksmith has several unique items you’ll need to spend at least 300 Bei on.

Once you’ve made it far enough into Dave the Diver to meet the sea people, you’ll start to find jade items. Similar to certain items that mention selling them to Cobra, these ones refer to the Sea People Village. However, you’ll need to complete a side quest or two before unlocking the blacksmith’s shop at the Sea People Village.

Once you have access to the shop after helping out Duwa in the Sea People Village, you’ll be able to buy all sorts of new items. These are typically for upgrading your weapons even further once you reach the higher tiers. So make sure you don’t accidentally sell the following jade items to Cobra:

  • Jade Marble – 15 Gold or 30 Bei
  • Jade Plate – 30 gold or 60 Bei
  • Jade Fish Statue – 100 gold or 300 Bei
Dave the Diver - Selling a Jade Fish Statue For Bei

As you can see in this screenshot, you can also sell other random items for Bei despite them not giving much. Otherwise, you can play minigames and do the seahorse races for Bei.

There may be other Jade items you can find in Dave the Diver that I haven’t mentioned here. Be sure to comment below our guide to let me know and I’ll toss it into the article. I had to dig through some of my recordings to get the info for these ones. So I may have missed others that are lurking underwater.

Selling Ingredients at the Sushi Bar

Dave the Diver - Bancho Sushi During the Evening

It’s easy to ignore the Ingredients tab unless you’re someone that needs to clear every notification.

This last section isn’t so much about what items to sell but more so regarding fish and seasonings. Instead of asking if you should sell that Wood you have, you may be wondering about selling ingredients. While at Bancho Sushi, you may have noticed the Ingredients tab on “4” by default.

You can open up the Ingredients tab to get some info about each item while also seeing an option to sell them. Certain ones won’t be sellable like items you get from bosses. However, this can be a way to sell fish meat without relying on the Fish Farm. Especially if you haven’t unlocked it yet.

Dave the Diver - Selling Fish Meat on Ingredients Tab

Titan Triggerfish Meat doesn’t sell for much, but I didn’t want to spoil a fish type that sells for a high amount.

There’s definitely room for making a good chunk of money later on with more valuable fish. Although, you may want to spend that extra fish meat on enhancing recipes instead. This will lead to more money and happier customers for the best taste stat. And chances are unlikely you’ll have a ton of seasonings, so it’s worth holding onto those.

Otherwise, that’s all there is to this Dave the Diver guide on what items to sell. It can be tempting to get rid of a bunch of them immediately for those expensive upgrades. But, you may not want to hunt down those items later when you need them for weapons.