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Dave the Diver – What to Do With Cat Food

Dave the Diver - What to Do With Cat Food

While making your way through Dave the Diver you’ll come across all sorts of items including even cat food. For a split second, you may wonder if it’s part of a weird recipe Bancho is going to make. But don’t worry, you won’t be feeding it to your usual guests. What to do with cat food is instead part of a secret little story and set of achievements.

Before we dive in, it’s worth mentioning you’ll need several cat food cans to trigger a certain event. So make sure to loot red cooking pots underwater for a chance at getting some. Others have mentioned getting cat food from yellow containers as well.

What to Do With Cat Food in Dave the Diver

Dave the Diver - Momo the Cat

Have you ever noticed the cat sitting on the bar?

As you’d imagine, cat food is for, a cat, so once you have some, we’ll need to find one. Fortunately, you don’t have to get very far for a cat named Momo to appear at Bancho Sushi. Once you’ve finished repairing the bar after the earthquake hit in the beginning, Momo will stick around. But, you’ll need to visit the bar during the day or afternoon.

Otherwise, Momo won’t be at the bar if you visit at night. This is part of a story teaser that Bancho gives you about having no idea where Momo goes at night. He asks if you can keep an eye out which later leads into a fun little side story.

Dave the Diver - Feeding Momo Cat Food

Interact with Momo at the end of the bar to reveal these options.

Before we can get to that side story, you’ll need to feed Momo once a day for several days. You can do this by interacting with them using spacebar by default. This opens a menu where you can feed Momo either Common Cat Food or High-Quality Cat Food. As mentioned near the intro, you can get either type from red cooking pots and yellow containers.

If you try to feed Momo more than once, you won’t be able to, so don’t bother. Just make sure you remember to visit Bancho Sushi once a day before the night shift starts. For those that may not know, you can safely visit the bar without time passing. So this won’t push you into the next phase and make you miss out on diving for fish.

Dave the Diver - Sailing to Bancho Sushi

Later on in Dave the Diver you’ll unlock more locations to check out. Fortunately, visiting them doesn’t skip time forward.

After you feed Momo enough times, a cutscene will trigger once a night shift ends. I don’t recall the specific amount of times, but if I had to guess, it’s somewhere around five feedings. If you don’t mind spoilers regarding where this goes, continue reading to the next section below. Otherwise, you’ll have to find out on your own what happens next.

Spoilers Below About Feeding Momo in Dave the Diver

Dave the Diver - Hearing a Cat Meow

It’s time to play a stealth minigame; surprisingly not the only one you’ll come across.

Continuing from the previous section, you can get a cutscene after finishing the night shift. You’ll see Dave sweeping with a broom and then hear a meow in the distance. This leads to one of many minigames that exist in Dave the Diver. You’ll need to follow Momo to wherever they go without getting caught.

This sidescrolling game is relatively simple but here are some quick tips. Keep following Momo without getting too close or else they’ll turn around and investigate. On top of this, you can also check the bar near the top left corner that fills as you draw more attention. The best way to lower the bar is by staying still and not making noise.

Dave the Diver - Momo the Cat Stealth Minigame

Moving while sitting can help you sneak without being too loud.

As you walk past bushes and trees you’ll make the most noise. Personally, I didn’t bother with the option to mimic a cat. But, you’re welcome to try it out and see if it helps. Fortunately, this minigame doesn’t last for too long if you’re able to keep making progress. Aside from when Momo occasionally stops to scratch a tree stump.

Upon completing the minigame, Dave will notice Momo leaves each night to meet up with another cat and kitten. You can then bring Momo’s family back to Bancho Sushi. This leads to the first achievement, Momo’s Secret. If you’re someone who likes to hunt down achievements, you’ll need to continue feeding them until reaching 20 times. You’ll then get the Catman achievement.

Dave the Diver - Momo's Family

We finally know where Momo has been sneaking off to each night.

As far as I know, once you’ve gotten both achievements, I don’t think there’s anything else to get from feeding them. So that’s all there is to what to do with cat food in Dave the Diver. It’s possible using High-Quality Cat Food may speed up the process to the minigame. But I can’t say for certain.