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Dave the Diver – What to Do With Bei

Dave the Diver - What to Do With Bei Guide

If you’ve made it far enough in Dave the Diver to meet the sea people, you’ll probably start to wonder what to do with Bei. Depending on how early you are in the story, you may not be able to do anything with Bei quite yet. So don’t worry if you’re feeling a little lost.

This second currency can be even harder to get than gold especially if you sell the wrong items to Cobra. So we’ll dive into both the best ways to get it as well as what you can spend it on this Dave the Diver guide.

What to Do With Bei in Dave the Diver

Dave the Diver - How to Get Bei Sea People Currency

Even though you can start earning Bei relatively early, you won’t be able to immediately use it. This is because you’ll need to progress the story enough to unlock the Sea People Village Blacksmith. So make sure you take the side quest from Duwa inside the Blacksmith once you get a chance.

Once you’ve finished helping Duwa feel better and reopen their shop, you’ll be able to start spending Bei on all sorts of items. While there are basic items like Fragments that you can buy, you’ll mainly want the more expensive items. Such as Steel Rope, Opal Tubes, Lava Discs, and more.

Dave the Diver - What to Spend Bei On

You’ll need a lot if you plan on buying up all these expensive materials.

This is because those expensive items costing anywhere from 300 to 400 Bei are important for weapon upgrades. So if you want to continue improving your weapons at Duff’s Weapon Shop, try not to waste your Bei. You’ll need those items for the final tier of most weapon upgrades.

Continue reading below to the next section if you’re not quite sure how to get Bei in Dave the Diver. There are a few different methods depending on how you prefer to play. Fortunately, if you don’t plan on upgrading every weapon, you won’t need to spend much at all.

How to Get Bei in Dave the Diver

Dave the Diver - Playing Minigames For Bei

Certain games are easier than others depending on your own skill.

Early on in discovering the Sea People Village, you’ll likely discover the underwater casino. You can play a few different minigames to try and earn some Bei. This can be a good method even though they tend to get tougher as you bet higher amounts. So be careful to not get swindled out of your money.

Another good way to passively get Bei if you’re not in a rush is via the seahorse races. You can earn a lot as long as you come in first place for each race. However, you’ll need to unlock the net for catching small critters like seahorses and shrimp. And over time you’ll start to get ones with higher stats that can go the distance.

Dave the Diver - Completing Request Board Quests

Make sure you don’t mind losing some Opal Ore if you plan on delivering it for a quest like this.

Aside from the casino, you can also get Bei by completing quests that the sea people have. You can either search for people that have quests around the village or check out the Request Board. This board tends to have up to three quests available at a time. However, you’ll need to make a little progress in the story before requests become available.

Request Board quests are usually tasks like delivering a certain item or taking out invasive species. So you may need to give away hard-earned minerals like Opal Ore if you really want that Bei. Other than that, as explained in our guide on what items to sell in Dave the Diver, you can also sell items to the Blacksmith. Make sure you don’t sell jade items to Cobra since you’ll get more value selling them at the Blacksmith.

Dave the Diver - Completing Sea People Quests For Bei

You can always check your map in the Sea People Village by pressing M to search for quests. Exclamation points represent a new quest while question marks are for ones you can complete.

That’s about all there is to know about what to do with Bei in Dave the Diver as well as how to get it. It’s easy to never know what to do with this currency if you’re not in a rush to get the Blacksmith up and going again.